While there may be an array of standard gifts available for Valentine’s Day, some of us just want to take a step out of our comfort zone and pick something that will truly be unforgettable, rather than just getting flowers, chocolates, or stuffed animals.

Opting for one of UGears’ special wooden kits will leave your gift etched forever in the heart of your partner, and will be one of the top Valentine’s gifts he/she ever receives.


Having a wooden safe is not only handy, and constructing it is a good idea for a leisure activity, but it can also be a fantastic decorative item in your home (assuming you didn’t put anything really valuable inside for it to be in full display).

This wooden safe comes with a traditional 3-digit lock (which you can set yourself) to secure your small valuables inside. You can fit cash, jewelry from your love (a certain engagement ring to be given at the right moment?), or a family heirloom, inside for safekeeping. And don’t doubt that wood material! It’s made from premium grade plywood that is guaranteed to be durable against damage or wearing out.

It features a spotless design that mimics a real safe lock with in its performance – and you don’t even need any industrial tools to create this wooden kit. You won’t even be needing to take out your arts and crafts supplies to build this because everything you need is included in the set.


Going to a real high-end theater may burn a hole in your pocket so why not get one that you can keep in the comfort of your home?

This wooden model of a theater is something that you can “direct” yourself. The set comes with the common fairytale characters: a prince and princess, king, witch, dragon, jester, and a treasure chest, that are all attached to two rotating gears parallel to each other so you can maneuver how the plot will go.

You will not only have fun assembling the theater kit, but you will revel in directing your own fairytale story. You can even make a version of how your real-life love story went. It doesn’t have to take months of practice and props-making for you to stage your first-ever theater play.

Common cinematic movie or theater experiences are also not always fun, so we are giving you this fresh idea. If preferred, you can paint the little characters to add more joy to the production.