Since Valentine’s Day is early in the year, some of us like to plan-ahead and do our shopping with our Christmas gift giving. A lot of money is spent on gifts that our special someone will treasure forever. However, it can be difficult coming up with something special, so let us help you with that.

UGears will make it easier to find something with our array of wooden kits:

Blooming Flower

Picture a gorgeous ballerina with a circlet of flowers, encased inside flower petals that are yet to bloom to reveal a beautiful secret hidden by turning the base around. It’s like a music box, minus the music (but you can always play your own tunes on your smartphone or your computer).

The designs are made of plywood, laser-cut with intricate details to create this magnificent piece. You can use it as a decoration inside your room or your living room. You can use the ballerina or floral pedestal to hold one of your precious rings or bracelets.

It’s an exceptional way to, let’s say, propose to someone on the day of hearts?

This beautiful blooming flower can be constructed within an hour. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the manual and build it by connecting the pieces through the hitches. No need for glue or tape or any adhesives.


Mechanical Box

Have you seen those cute Valentine’s DIY ideas where you make love notes (“What I Love About You”, “First’s...”, etc.) and store them in a jar or a box so your partner can take a peek anytime in the future? Throw away that jar or boring box! You can store those love notes inside this mechanical box! Or if he/she has a sweet tooth, you can put in small candies or chocolates.

The lid opens when you rotate the gears or pull down the lever on the side. If your partner is savvy, you can just put in a notepad to help him/her with school or work tasks. Every thought will count with this amazing mechanical box.

The assembly isn’t even hard to do. The kit contains everything you need and it involves no screws or glue to put it together.