Whilst most Dads love the attention that Father’s Day brings, what’s not quite so welcome are the ‘Dad gifts’ that often get given. We’re talking about socks, slippers, aftershave - the kind of gifts that are almost instantly forgotten and that certainly don’t stimulate the mind.


The good news for Dad is that there is a magnificent alternative to the deeply uninspiring Father’s Day gifts mentioned above and it comes in the form of 3 dimensional, plywood mechanical models from UGears. Our models are eco-friendly, need no glue to be assembled and offer hands-on fun with some truly beautiful engineering creations.


Classic, Innovative Designs


Ugears 3D mechanical models are extremely popular around the world, thanks in no small part to the innovative designs we’ve created. You’ve only got to take a cursory glance at our range to see plenty that Dads all around the country would just love to get stuck into! For example, there’s the Archballista Tower for Dads with a penchant for military engineering or we’ve got the Steam Locomotive for train-enthusiast Dads.


We’ve even got the Combine Harvester for Dads who have a love for all things agricultural. In fact, whatever your Dad, Grandad, husband or brother are into, we have an option to suit and they’ll absolutely appreciate a thoughtful present like a UGears 3D mechanical plywood model.


What Makes Us Different?

 Archballista Tower

Aside from the beauty, complexity and sheer elegance of the models in the UGears range, they have a multitude of other benefits. Firstly, each one of our models is crafted from just one sheet of sustainably-sourced plywood, with each piece being precisely fashioned by a computer-guided laser. This supreme manufacturing accuracy allows each piece to slot together and create a living, breathing mechanical masterpiece with no glue, nails or even screws needed.


Each unique design in our range has a particular idea embedded into it and when in full flight, they are quite extraordinary to behold. So, when the man in your life comes to you with his fully-assembled present in his hands, you’re likely to see a big proud smile on his face - something you’re just not going to get with a pair of socks!


Come and Take a Browse!


Our range includes a veritable cornucopia of fascinating designs and you can see them in all their glory by visiting us at Of course, whilst all of our models are made with the same spirit of creativity and innovation, some are more complex than others and these are aimed at the more experienced model-maker. If the intended recipient of your Father’s Day gift is new to modelling as a hobby, we’d recommend trying one of our simpler choices at first and then moving to something more complex afterwards.


Should you have any difficulty deciding between our many wonderful models, you can call our friendly team on +44192 686 4282 and they’ll talk you through your options.


So, why not pamper the man in your life with a UGears 3D mechanical model this Father’s Day and see their face light up when they realise that it’s not socks again!