If you’re looking for a model experience with broad appeal, then the Hurdy Gurdy from the UGears range certainly fits the bill. Offering a blend of engineering and musical melody, this wonderful three-dimensional mechanical model is something that will wow fans of both modelling and music alike.

There is perhaps nothing so satisfying as playing a melody on something that you’ve created with your own blood, sweat and tears. When you first unbox a UGears mechanical model, it comes flat packed in sheets of laser-cut plywood sourced from sustainable forest stocks, so the idea that when finished this model will play a tune, can seem a little hard to imagine…but trust us, it will!

The Hurdy Gurdy

The instrument itself is one that has its origins way back in the 15th century when violins were the height of musical fashion. Our precision-cut Hurdy Gurdy mechanical model is able to play music that sounds just like olden day folk music. You can listen to it in the following clip:

Unlike many other types of models on the market, this one is a fully-fledged musical instrument that can actually be played. All this is achieved with no adhesives, no batteries and no requirement to be a skilled stringed instrument craftsman. The Hurdy Gurdy is a self-assembly model created from simple plywood that can be put together by relative newcomers to modelling, which when you see the finished product - is an amazing thing to be able to say.

How Does it Work?

As you’ll find when you piece this eco-friendly model together, the music is produced by turning the crank at the bottom, which turns the wheel and rubs against the strings in the same way a violin bow would. The notes that are produced can be changed by pressing the keys on the side of the instrument and with a little practice, you can wow your friends and family by playing something you made yourself from scratch!

Ornate & Delicate

What’s incredible about this and all the models that we offer at UGears are that they can all be constructed by people of all ages and because each delicately ornate piece is cut by a precision laser, you won’t have to spend time with a hobby knife, cutting away imperfections like you have to with some traditional types of plastic model. When you complete a UGears model, you are left with more than a model at the end, as you have a living, breathing keepsake that you’ll want to keep and show off forever.

If what you’ve read has whetted your appetite for hobbying and you would like to know more about our globally popular plywood models, visit us online at www.ugears.online or give us a call on 1926 864282 and one of our friendly experts will give you the benefit of their considerable modelling wisdom.


Thanks for reading. We’ll see you all again soon with more from the modelling revolution that is Ugears.