When it comes to hobbying fun, there is no more rewarding experience than assembling a UGears model, which are fast becoming the product of choice for modellers everywhere. That’s because they provide fun during assembly, but also fun when playing with them once constructed, due to their robust and sturdy design.


Here we look at the Fire Truck, which is a fine example of what we mean. This fantastic 3D mechanical model is, like all the models in our range, made from a single sheet of responsibly sourced plywood and requires no adhesives, glues, nails or screws to put together. Based on a fully-functioning fire truck from the real world, this impressive vehicle houses some pretty smart engineering and even has a 3-section fire ladder on rotating platform!


Sublime Motion


Another dimension attributable to our Fire Truck mechanical model is that of motion, as it’s able to move under its own power. It needs no batteries to achieve this, however, with a few simple twists of the button on top of the driver’s cab all that’s needed to load it up with potential energy.


The ladder on top of the Fire Truck is also moveable from right to left, up and down and extendable in and out. At the end of the ladder, there is a hook, instantly repurposing the vehicle into a mobile crane. Once fully extended the ladder reaches as high as 70cm!




The Fire Truck has the UGM-11 Truck as its base, with additional choices of the Tanker or the standard truck possible when you buy the corresponding kit. Our designers even went to the trouble of creating a little ladder so that the model fireman is able to climb up to where he needs to be!


Under the hood is the most impressive part - the engine. There you’ll find a 4-cylinder rubber band engine that offers both a forward and reverse mode. Anyone who’s ever had a toy truck will just love playing with this model, no matter how old they are.


Simple, Impressive, Enjoyable


Our beautiful range of 3D mechanical models has been created to appeal to all age groups and skill levels. Whether as an introduction to modelling for a child or as a gift for an experienced hobbying loved one, UGears offer a mixture of delight, satisfaction and good old fashioned fun. They’re an example of how it’s still possible to have fun away from a TV, computer or smartphone screen.


If you’d like to find out more about the Fire Truck or any other of our models, please head over to our website www.ugears.online. There you’ll find out everything you need to know and more. If, however, you can’t find what you’re looking for or you need help in choosing between our products, call us now and one of our friendly experts will more than happy to help.


Thanks for reading. We will see you again soon with more blogs about the fantastical world of 3D mechanical modelling.