The tram is an iconic way of public transport, and many people are not well familiar with it as it is only available in few cities around the world. However, those who have the fascination for constructing mechanical models can have a perfect tramcar system in the showcase of their living room. This vintage model will be a distinctive element for room decoration. The components of the model are made of high quality materials so that the mechanical model is durable. The replica of the full fledged tram service system will remind those who look at it about the old days when people used to travel in the trams. It will be ideal to keep the tram model in the living room, in the dining room or in the bedroom. The model will surely enhance the quality of interior décor of the room.

The tram that really moves

The tram model is provided with an engine which is powered by plain rubber bands. The engine will propel the tram to move. When either end of the rails is lifted up using the lever, the tram will move up and down on a slope. Thus the tram can be put in two different modes. Also, a bridge can be built using the rails of the tramcar system. The bridge is easily made just by using the levers at either end of the rails. Once the bridge is ready the tram can be lifted above. When the tram moves, the wheel of the engine is pushed by the pantograph which functions as a lever. With the starting lever, direction lever, brake, roof and the emergency exit, the tram is made realistic and impressive. The tram model is made exclusively from high quality plywood boards. The components are precisely cut and they fit perfectly so that no glue is required for making the model. The user manual provides all instructions in detail so as to ensure hassle-free construction of the tram model.

An ideal gift

The construction kit for Tram Model offered by UGears is a wonderful gift for friends and dear ones. Those who enjoy building mechanical models or putting together puzzles are sure to find the UGears kit highly interesting as well as exciting. These construction kits from UGears provide the best way to spend time not only for children but for the grownups as well. More than 150 components in the construction kit are perfectly cut so that it is possible to construct a perfect and realistic model. This is a durable tram model since all the components are strong and will not easily get damaged.

Gives immense satisfaction

Those who patiently follow the instructions in the manual are assured of the desired result. Once the task is completed they will be delighted to see the perfect, realistic and stylish tramcar system. Children enjoy playing with the tram and once assembled the model remains intact for years. UGears always ensure the best quality and also prompt delivery of the ordered items. The step by step instructions make it a very interesting process. It is   always fun for the kids to construct the model as well as to play with it.

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