Children as well as adults who enjoy solving puzzles using construction kits certainly will be delighted when they complete the construction of the Safe model construction kit from UGears. Putting together the self-assembly Safe model is an awesome project for those who enjoy creating structures with artistic beauty. This 3D mechanical model exactly resembles the Safe that we use in homes to keep the valuables. The mechanical Safe model has a combination lock and construction of this model is an excellent activity that keeps a person engaged physically and mentally for a few hours. Building of the UGears mechanical Safe Model is a healthy, exciting and satisfying pastime for people of all age groups. Those who want to shut down the TV for a day or want to be active on a rainy day can get the UGears kit for construction of the Safe Model and have a unique activity they can enjoy.

Safe with coded lock

The Safe model which is constructed by assembling more than 170 components provided in the UGears kit. The Safe model is an ideal place that can be used to keep various small things. It is made exclusively of high quality plywood and is perfect in all aspects. The safe has a coded lock and it can be opened only by using the 3 digit number which is provided with the kit. Each kit is supplied with a unique code for its lock. For closing the safe the door is to be shut and the handle of the door is to be turned in the anti-clockwise direction. This Safe model provides the best place to keep small but precious things that are likely to get misplaced often. By making it a practice to keep the small things in this safe one can save a lot of time from searching for those things.

Assured quality

Those who are enthusiastic of constructing a mechanical model and also want to have a unique type of safe can order for the UGears Safe models kit. Also, the UGears construction set is an ideal gift for friends and the loved ones. UGears is known for uncompromised quality of the products, prompt delivery of the ordered goods and the best customer service. The materials used for making the components are of excellent quality so that the components in the kit will not get damaged while in transit and also when used for construction of the Safe model.

All UGears models are excellent

The various construction kits offered by UGears provide exciting and enjoyable construction puzzles. The various components when put together form awesome mechanical models that are perfect as a puzzle and are also realistic. Those who construct these self-assembly models will be surprised to see the perfection of the models that they created, which is possible only for the professional artisans. All the components are made of superior quality plywood boards and as a result these products are purely natural and cause no health hazards. The details of all the components are precisely cut and the components fit perfectly without using glue. These mechanical models are made movable by using plain rubber bands. The models that are made out of the UGears kits are durable and they are ideal as vintage elements for interior décor.

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