Children and adults enjoy constructing wooden mechanical models using the construction kits from UGears. The construction kit consists of numerous plywood parts that are laser precision cut to fit together firmly. This is one of the best toys for kids since it is safe, non-hazardous and made of purely natural products. The mechanical construction kit to make The Engine Model will be an awesome gift for the kids on their birthday and also a wonderful gift to loved ones on special occasions. The parts in the kit can be assembled without applying chemical adhesive or glue and the self-assembly model can be constructed on a table without using any special tools. The instruction manual which is a part of the kit provides clear and easy-to-follow instructions to construct the Engine Model. Completing the construction of The Engine Model using the parts in the kit according to the instructions is indeed a thrilling experience.

UGears Engine model in action

Model of the historic steam engine

This puzzle game of constructing The Engine model assures fun and excitement to people of all age groups. This is a very safe game for kids to play and besides keeping them engaged for a few hours this construction game creates in their mind the affinity towards technology. This puzzle game is very innovative and it will boost the creativity and logical thinking of the children. This mechanical construction kit from UGears consists of 81 parts altogether and The Engine Model which is made by assembling the parts of this kit has a size of 165 x 77 x 90 mm. This 3D model of a working Engine can be made to operate by air from a balloon for example. This Engine Model is exactly similar to the historic steam engine and this pneumatic engine can be started using an ordinary balloon. An air tachometer, three nozzles that are interchangeable and two boxes are also provided along with this kit. This kit provides the kids a great model construction project and all parts are durable meaning longer playtimes. Since The Engine Model has an antique elegance it is ideal for display in the living room. At the same time it is a fully functional model of the steam engine.

Reminding the great scientific invention

The UGears Engine Model

This vintage style steam engine model is 100% hand-made and all the parts in this UGears construction kit are made of superior quality plywood. Since the Engine Model is made exclusively of wood, it won’t get corroded or rusted. All the spare parts that are provided along with the kit can be stored in the two built-in boxes. The working speed of the engine can be measured accurately using the air pressure tachometer. The Steam Engine is considered as one of the greatest scientific inventions. While creating the construction puzzle of The Engine Model using the 3D mechanical construction kit from UGears, one is taken back to the days of steam power.

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