UGears offer the construction kit for making a timekeeping device that is familiar to all – the chronograph. People use the chronograph for accurate recording of time. One can construct the timer model and either present it to their friends or use it as a unique element for interior decoration. The model can also decorate the office room as a vintage time recording device. This working mechanical model of chronograph can be easily adjusted for any time in the range 1 – 20 minutes. The operation of this chronograph model is very easy and simple. By winding up the system the chronograph produces the alarm at the particular point of time. Hence it can be used as a reliable time reminder.

A simple puzzle

The UGears chronograph model is provided with a roller pendulum that functions very efficiently. The amplitude of the roller pendulum can be adjusted using the amplitude adjustment system which is provided on the background. As in the case of the other UGears models, the chronograph is also powered using plain rubber bands. Construction of the chronograph using the components in the UGears kit is not a big task. This simple puzzle doesn’t require much time to complete and even children can construct the chronograph model very easily.

Unique and amazing

Those who have the passion to create mechanical models will find this self-assembled chronograph kit from UGears amazing. This kit is indeed a lovely gift for people of all age groups. Everyone will feel happy and excited when he or she could construct a perfectly functioning time recording device. Since the construction kit is provided by UGears, there will not be any quality issues and the product will be durable as well. The components are made exclusively of high quality plywood board and hence these products are eco-friendly. While assembling the components, glue or other adhesives are not required to fix the parts. In all aspects, this is an ideal construction kit for children as well as elders. When glue is used the fingers get sticky and then it will be inconvenient to handle the various parts. These qualities make the UGears construction kits unique and amazing.

Very promising

Construction of the chronograph is a very exciting puzzle and on completion we find that the device is well built. Those who work on the construction kit for the first time may take a little extra time to complete the task. However, once the task is over and the device starts functioning efficiently the user gains more confidence and will be able to complete his or her subsequent models faster.

A great idea and good fun

Construction of the UGears chronograph model is real good fun. As it is a very small and simple project, many people can complete the task very quickly. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Those who get this construction kit from UGears are impressed with the efficient customer service as well as prompt delivery of ordered items. Once constructed, the model appears very compact and impressive.  Getting the chronograph to function is another exciting experience. It is a very nice kit that has been designed based on a wonderful idea.

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