The mechanical puzzle kits offered by UGears are now very popular and among the numerous models that are designed for self-assembly, the Dynamometer is one of the models that is enjoyed and appreciated by large number of people including children and adults. Dynamometer is an instrument which measures force, torque, or power.  UGears named the model “Geneva Drive” since the mechanical device was invented in the City of Geneva. Originally the Geneva Drive was used to manufacture clocks. Assembling all the 48 parts and constructing the Geneva Drive model is indeed an awesome puzzle game for people of all age groups. The parts are made of superior quality plywood and no tools are required to assemble them. The parts are assembled directly without applying glue or other adhesives and clear and easy to understand instructions are also provided. This construction puzzle kit is safe for kids to play and is 100% environment-friendly. Once assembled the Geneva Drive model can be used for interior décor also and it will surely enhance the elegance of the show-case.

Ideal for team fun

UGears Geneva Drive Model

The functioning of the Geneva Drive is similar to that of a pneumatic engine. The device is powered by the heat generated by an air balloon. Being self-propelled, the device doesn’t require electricity there by making it the safest toy for small children. Once the top gear is blown, it is very interesting to watch the system setting in to motion with the help of the air pressure.

The size of the Geneva Drive model is 147 x 713 x 169 mm. The parts are made exclusively of natural products and all the precision cut components are ready to assemble. The Geneva Drive construction puzzle game is ideal for team building fun and the team can solve the puzzle within a limited time. The team members need not wait for the glue to go dry since no glue is required to assemble the parts. Similarly, when kids play this mechanical puzzle game there is no risk of glue spilling over the carpet. Purchasing this type of mechanical puzzle kit from UGears is indeed a great experience and the website of the company ensures easy navigation as well as quick and convenient purchase. This mechanical puzzle kit from UGears is an awesome gift for the loved ones.

Activated by air pressure

UGears Geneva Drive Puzzle

The Geneva Drive mechanical puzzle kit demonstrates the unique quality and perfection of the mechanical construction kits from UGears which are made of high quality plywood. The precision design, perfection of the parts and quality of the wood make the task of construction of the model easy, smooth and interesting. The gearwheel structure when set in motion appears really amazing. When air is blown on the top of the gear the entire system gets activated. The arrow will point to different symbols of strength depending on the air pressure.

Best puzzle game for children

The Geneva Drive model from UGears is in fact a pneumatic engine in principle and comes with a game element for fun. Children who play this puzzle game can gain practical knowledge of the principles of mechanics. Among the various UGears models, the Dynamometer is one among the easiest to assemble.