UGears mechanical models have become one of the most popular 3D puzzles that are enjoyed by people of all ages. Among the various self-assembly models, Fire Truck deserves a special mention owing to its unique design that is classy and gives a vintage feeling. It is a wooden model which has an appealing look with excellent engineering inside. Let’s have a look at some of the remarkable features of Fire Truck from the latest truck series launched by Ugears.

Extensive Features of Fire Truck by UGears

UGears Fire Truck Model

The best feature of this amazing fire truck is its attractive design. The wooden design gives it a classy and distinctive look. With the luscious design, it captivates the interest of people of all ages. You can buy this exceptional self-assembly model for yourself or to gift it to your loved ones. The fire truck from the truck series of UGears is manufactured using quality wooden material and state of the art technology. The quality material makes the toy truck durable and sustainable. You can play with this fire truck along with your children or younger siblings for enhanced period of time and the material wouldn’t lose its shine and value.

Each part of the fire truck is precisely cut using a laser, which enables the user to easily assemble the parts of the toy. There is no need to use glue or any other tools to join the parts.

Real Rescue & Fire Truck Look

It has a turning foot and an extension ladders which gives it the look of a real rescue and fire truck. The extension ladders transform into a real crane with a hook. The smart engineering enables it to have smooth movement. The fire truck has several controls for the convenience of the owner of this truck. It can be driven forward or backward, the ladder can be extended, the platform can be moved right or left. Moreover, it has a ladder mounted on its back just like real fire trucks have for the firemen to climb on the truck.

UGears Fire Truck Mechanical Model

The Final Word

The mechanical models from UGears have got tremendous popularity due to their exciting features, unique and classy designs, and smart engineering. People of all ages are enjoying their amazing products. You can buy this exceptional fire truck which gives a real like feel with its design and engineering for yourself or for the purpose of gifting it to your friend or loved one. It is easy on the budget and can be assembled without the need of any sticky material or tool. It can keep your kids engrossed for hours while you do your household chores.

UGears aim to provide the best wooden toys at the most affordable rates. The exceptional fire truck from UGears is available at £89.99. You can get it delivered at your doorsteps without having to pay any extra charges anywhere in the UK. With the packaging comes a step-by-step instruction manual to make the perfect fire truck. You can also view a video guide on the UGears website if you are encountering any issue while joining the parts. The number of components that the fire truck packaging contains is 537.

To put it a nutshell, if you are looking for looking for the best gift for someone who loves mechanical models, there can be no better gift than the Fire Truck from UGears.