The Combination Lock is another awesome mechanical 3D puzzle from UGears which is based on the principle of “The Da Vinci Code”. This construction kit from UGears consists of 34 components made of premium quality plywood. All the parts are precision cut and can be assembled without applying glue or other adhesives. The Combination Lock model is designed for self-assembly and no tools are required for assembling the parts. This is an interesting and exciting mechanical 3D puzzle game for the school going children and even elderly people. The components are made exclusively of natural products this playing kit is 100% environmental-friendly and also safe for kids to play. Those who assemble the components and construct the Combination Lock model can easily understand the principle of the modern combination lock. This innovative 3D puzzle from UGears is educating as well as entertaining and by way of solving this puzzle the children can nurture their creative skills and develop interest in mechanical engineering.

UGears Combination Lock

An ideal safe to keep small things

The Combination Lock which is created by assembling the components of the UGears kit can be opened by correctly setting the code which is a 3-digit combination. One can set 1000 different codes having different 3-digit combinations. This Combination Lock can be used as a small size safe in which small things like keys and USB stick can be stored. This lock consists of two parts and choosing the right 3-digit combination code is the only way to open this lock. The user can also hang the lock on a bag. The size of the combination lock is 97 x 66 x 98 mm and the weight of the lock is 9.8 ounces. This lock is ideal to hide very small objects.

Those who are able to successfully create this Combination Lock by assembling the parts of the UGears mechanical puzzle kit will feel like taken back to the period of Leonardo Da Vinci. The two parts of the Combination Lock model are separated from each other and unless the correct code is cracked, the lock cannot be opened. The Combination Lock can be used as a unique and safe storage space to keep small valuable objects as well as secret messages.

All the parts are pre-cut using precise laser-cut technology and can be easily pressed out of the mould. Clear and easy-to-understand instructions are provided along with the kits so that the task of assembling the parts together to create the Combination Lock model is easy, smooth and interesting.

Combination Lock

Enjoyed by people of all age groups

The self assembly mechanical 3D puzzle kits from UGears are now very popular and these models have lakhs of fans. The different models that are built using the mechanical kits from UGears are widely used for interior décor – people keep them in the showcases in the living-rooms as well as workplaces.

All these models also serve as amazing gifts to loved ones. They all are self-propelled and function without electricity. People of all ages enjoy assembling the wooden parts in the kits provided by UGears to construct the various stunning models.