Carving faces into vegetables was a Celt’s autumn tradition. It involved carving various shapes into fruits such as tulips as part of marking Halloween. Then a light is placed inside the fruit to make a Jack O’ Lantern.

Due to American influence, pumpkin has become the default fruit for making Jack O’ Lanterns. The carved fruit will look as scary or beautiful as it is designed.

Instead of the typical pumpkin carving, you can show your love of craft by applying 3D models to pumpkin carving in the following ways:

  1. Cog Face

This involve carving a cog shape into a pumpkin.

What you will Need:

  • Pumpkin
  • Carving supplies
  • Paints
  • Candle
  • Cog and Gear

Cut open the top of the pumpkin, remove the pulp and scrape out the inside.

Make a stencil by placing a wheel on a cardboard and trace the edge around it with a marker or pencil.

Place the stencil on the hollowed pumpkin to mark out dotted lines for cut points. Then cut out the designed shape from the pumpkin. Two big eyes should be painted on the pumpkin, one on top of the carved zone and the other on the opposite side.

Looking at it from a distance, the pumpkin will appear as a ghoul with eyes that can see everything.

You can carve several pumpkins of the same style and hide a model such as a mounted horse inside one of them. Then ask your kids to guess which carved pumpkin has a gift inside.

  1. Flower Vase

You are going to be building a flower vase but with a twist, the main flower will be the 3D blooming flower. While some real flowers will be glued to the sides. The blooming flower needs to be assembled first which in itself an enjoyable experience for people who love hands-on projects. After assembling the model, twist the base to reveal a spinning ballerina.

Next, the top of the pumpkin should be cut and its content empty. The cut size should accommodate the 3D flower base.

Your model flower can now be placed into the pumpkin base. To create an interesting contrast, alternating dark and white spots should be painted on the sides.

Real red flowers can then be taped around the pumpkin to flank the flower model. The flower-pumpkin combination is then stacked on a pedestal. The scene is that of a model flower growing out of pumpkin with a ballerina offshoot while being flanked by fresh red flowers.

This flower set up can be replicated and arranged across your table for stylistic effects.

  1. Break Through

Make a hole as big as needed in a pumpkin’s side base to accommodate the blade of the combine model. Using a traced outline on the pumpkin, fix the blade into the carved hole and spray some pulp around it.

The complete kit will show a powerful machine cutting at the wall of a pumpkin while being covered in pulp. The dramatic idea of a tractor cutting into a pumpkin will fill your mind when you see a pumpkin in the next few weeks.

  1. Flying Pumpkin

People hardly think of an aircraft when they see a pumpkin. But you can create a flight scene using pumpkin and the Tower mill model. You will be turning a windmill vane into a pumpkin craft blades.

Fit the assembled blades of the windmill into the cut top of your pumpkin and you get a pseudo-craft ready to run. You can rotate the fans around.

This set up is complete but can be further enhanced if you add a long witch nose to the fruit. Now you have a witch pilot trying to fly with a pumpkin craft instead of brooms.

With Ugears 3D model, you can design other types of pumpkin carving different from what is currently obtained and enjoy a special Halloween.