Fifth anniversary is a special stage in couple's life. They are already not “just married” however not together as a family for a very long time. The first years of marriage do put a foundation for a strong family. Financially families are usually moved in new home. Most couples have at least first child by that time and it is incredible period to enjoy life after being settled and having a baby to look after.

Interestingly the tradition of celebrating wedding anniversaries dates back to Holy Roman Empire times when husband presented silver wreath to his wife on the 25th anniversary. The tradition not only remained but evolved and nowadays every year anniversary has its meaning and suggested gift. The material of suggested gift varies from country to country however there are common trends. There are even suggested flowers to present.

Probably the first significant anniversary after marriage is the 5th year anniversary and it has its own meaning and symbol. Not without a reason it is wood as a representation of stable, strong and long lasting relationships. This tradition did not change over time: wooden gifts are still considered the most symbolic gifts to give for this anniversary. Wooden presents are exchanged by the couple and also presented by family and friends.

Best Anniversary Gift

Choosing the best gift for a 5th wedding anniversary

There is a vast range of gifts that you can give for the anniversary. These can be anything, but the more traditional gifts are those made from wood. Many people gift things like wooden spoons or storage chests, but here we propose a new unique type of present. UGears have a vast range of wooden mechanical models that are perfect to give someone as a present. With the 5th wedding anniversary these models that are made from wood not only make a new type of gift you can give, but also make it a traditional present. But why choose a UGears model for a present? Here are some of the reasons why:

  • The idea behind UGears is unique, these are wooden assembly kits that do not require any bolts or glue to construct. This present will be memorable and make the special effect.
  • All the family can be involved in constructing it. So you can make it a truly family experience.
  • Once constructed, you can put it on shelf, somewhere in leaving room for a warm memory of the anniversary.
  • UGears are made only of natural materials (wood only) and therefore are perfectly suited for a traditional wooden wedding anniversary gift.
  • When assembled UGears kits are fully functioning models. There are many models to choose from so that everyone can find something for their liking.

Wedding Anniversary Ugears Gift

With so many UGears models to choose from it might be difficult to choose one that is most suitable for an anniversary gift, but here are some of those that we think will make the best presents:

Starting with our most iconic model the Steam Locomotive, is a perfect gift for someone that is into constructing models or perhaps has an interest in building a large working model. There are a number of additional items available to enhance the locomotive scene, with additional rails and a platform that is available to buy.

If you are looking for a model that will suit anyone, please take a look at our Flower model. This unusual give is a piece of art on its own, and with functioning moving parts to open and close the flower will look perfect on the shelf. This is a great present for any occasion.

Our Chronograph model will also make a perfect 5th wedding anniversary gift. This will be a great reminder of how the time flies past and will bring back the warm memories for many years to come. This model is also capable of being a short timer, perfect to use in family games.

A few other models should also be mentioned here include the treasure box and the safe models. These models are perfectly suited for keeping the memories of the time together as a family.

Store your treasures with this anniversary gift

Here at UGears, we believe that celebrating 5th wedding anniversary is a very special day. It is a milestone in life and foundation for strong life long bond. You can make this day special with UGears kits. All of our models and kits also make perfect wedding presents as well, so the next time you need to think of something to give, look no further!