Unfolded: 35.4*7.1*13 in (900*180*330 mm) 

Folded together: 11.8*2.8*13 in (300*70*330 mm) 

Package size: 14,9*6.7*2 in (378*170*50 mm)

Number of components: 172

This folding screen with an easy cheat sheets replacement mechanism and a built-in dice-tower helps the TRPG Master to better comprehend the game world mechanics and smoothly lead the game: at any time the Game Master can check necessary information by easily changing one sheet with another. 

The Game Master can conceal his personal treasures and secrets behind the Screen, such as notes about the game, figurines and even a cup of tea. The built-in dice tower adds extra-suspense to the game: the time between the moment when the Master’s dice fall and the revealed results charge the atmosphere with extreme excitement.  

When folded together, this unconventional looking device resembles a large book. Completely unfolded it opens as a screen with four panels, each of which has a special rubber-band fixture to hold an A4 size sheet of paper. Of course, you don’t have to use all four panels at the same time. If you need to save space on your gaming table, you can easily fold one or two panels away.

The fantasy inspired detail of the wooden panels is designed to make you feel like a real Master of the Game holding an ancient folio about an adventure, the greatest of them all.