So, Easter is just around the corner and people up and down the country are looking for meaningful gifts to give their loved ones at this special time. Now, you could go for the tried and trusted chocolate Easter Egg, but as many of us are carrying a bit too much lockdown weight already, there might be a better option. Well, there is and it comes in the form of stunning metal mechanical models like the Royal Voyager.

 Royal Voyager - metal mechanical model by Time For Machine

Everyone expects to get some kind of confectionery at Easter time - as it’s the done thing - so what better way to put a smile on their faces than some different? This beautiful metal model is one of many available at and they represent gifts that last for many years after the occasion has been and gone. 

An Ornate Yet Striking American Dream Car

If you’ve never seen one of our 3D mechanical metal models before, then you’re in for a treat. Completely different to any other DIY model you’re likely to have experienced, The Royal Voyager is an incredibly realistic creation that truly embodies the 70s era that was very much the time of the big engines and long-finned automobiles.


However, before you think that this is just a static model that just looks good, think again, as this is a truly living, breathing mechanical model. What do we mean by that? Well, when you look at this glorious metal model close up, you see that it has a bonnet that opens to allow you to see the fully-working wind-up clockwork engine that’s able to propel the car many metres on a single wind!

Royal Voyager - metal mechanical model by Time For Machine

Ideal as Decoration, a Toy and a Hobby

The problem with traditional types of plastic models is that they’re fragile and don’t stand up well to being played with. Our metal mechanical models, however, are very different as they’re made from polished stainless steel and can stand up to any amount of playing with it after completion. And believe us when we say, you’re going to want to play with it!

However, what can be forgotten is how intriguing and stylish this classic car is, meaning that it wouldn’t look out of place in any home it’s put in. Its sleek lines and unmistakable 70s flair, make it the perfect ornament for your home or office. Just don’t get caught playing with it at work!

Metal Mechanical Models for Any Occasion

So, if you’d like to give your nearest and dearest something they’ll never forget for Easter this year, then why not take a look at the simply amazing range of metal models we have available. The Royal Voyager is just one of them and you can see our complete catalogue by visiting us online at

There are quite a few to choose from, so if you have any problems selecting the right one for your needs, simply fill your details into our contact form and we’ll do our utmost to get back to you as quickly as we can. We hope you enjoyed reading our blog and that it has shown you that there is an alternative to giving unhealthy egg-shaped gifts this Easter.

We’ll see you again next time.