UGears has been successful in revolutionizing the world of toys with their mechanical 3D puzzle kits which are now popular all over the world. The mechanical 3D puzzle kits from UGears have created a class of toys which are loved by everyone. These puzzle kits are very educating and entertaining for kids but adults can enjoy them too. After constructing the models such as Tractor, Steam Locomotive, Safe, Theatre, etc, people take the pride of displaying the models created by them in the showcases of their living-rooms or workplaces. The mechanical 3D puzzle kits from UGears enable the school-going children to improve their creativity and nurture their interest in mechanical engineering.

The Mechanical Town Series from UGears

UGears Tram Line

UGears are now introducing the unique Mechanical Town Series. This Mechanical Town of UGears is a unique town of artistes, warriors, masters, scientists, researchers and musicians. Those who are fortunate to get the opportunity to play with the 3D puzzle kits of UGears Mechanical Town may bear in mind that they are going to construct the most distinctive town in the world.

The first model of the Mechanical Town Series to be launched is the Tram Line. The mechanical 3D puzzle kit from UGears for construction of the Tram Line is a great puzzle game as well as a great collection. Construction of the Tram Line using all the 14 components that are provided in the kit is an engaging hobby and an exciting game. All the 14 parts of this kit are made of the best quality plywood and all the wooden parts are precision laser cut. The Tram Line is designed for self-assembly and all the components in the kit can be assembled without applying glue or other synthetic adhesives. No tools are required to assemble the parts and this construction kit is 100% environment-friendly as well as safe to play. This construction puzzle is not for the kids exclusively but for people of all age groups.

What are the outstanding features of this Tram Line Model?

UGears Tram Line

The stylish, self moving Tram Car makes it a live model. The Tram Car is powered by a rubber band engine. It is fitted with doors that open and close. The Tram Car is provided with an overhead pantograph.

As a mode of public transport the Tram Car will halt at the Tram Stops. It has little stairs, a modern Ticket Kiosk, a bench for the waiting passengers to sit and a clock to see the time. A Tram Depot is also a part of this Tran Line Model which has a Turntable.

We come across with Foot Bridge across the Tram Track for crossing the track.

The tracks of this Tram Line are straight and there are junctions as well

There are also Radius Tracks with junctions.

Of course, our Tram Service operates late night as well. That is why there are Street Lamps by the side of the track.

Whom we meet in this Mechanical Model Town?

UGears Tram Line

The Gentleman whom we meet here may be a scientist or an artist or musician or a gossip monger or a media favorite or a business man or even a philanthropist. There is a young inventor and also another smart guy with a dog. The Ice-cream seller is attracting his customers from under his colorful umbrella. The Policeman on duty is riding on a horse and the factory worker is waiting at the Tram Stop to catch the next Tram Car to reach his workplace.

This is just the first in the Mechanical Model Town Series from UGears. Many more fabulous models are in the pipeline! Get yours today!