Halloween gives us an excuse to get creative with our costumes and find new ways to be inspired. This can be in the form of steampunk-inspired costumes.

Whether you’re planning on dressing up as a wasteland hunter, an industrial scientist, or a Victorian robot, UGears has many cogs and gears that will enhance your costume.

A complete steampunk costume may look like something out of a movie for the uninitiated but they are actually constructed from simple materials combined in a special way.

Since gears feature heavily in steampunk costumes, 3D building kits can be an important source for your steampunk costume supplies. Various steampunk items that can benefit from a gear or cog adornment are discussed below.

  1. Base

Your basic clothing could be Victorian or Edwardian which may fall into the upper or lower class attire. You can fix the extension ladder gears on the elbow and knee positions on your chosen costume.

  1. Hat

Your choice of hats includes top hats, bowlers, boaters and fight helmets. Whichever one you choose, a Tanker or Ladder prop can be added to buoy your look.

  1. Goggles

The goggles is the most iconic part of a steampunk costume. If you are a DIY person, you have an idea of how your goggles should look. Even if you got a pre-built goggles you can customize it further to suit your style.

If you are starting from scratch, you need some cheap welding or swimming goggles. Disassemble them to take out the straps and lens.

Paint the goggles to add texture. A few gears such as the UGears 3D wheel or cog can be attached to the goggles on the front to partially block out light or added as a third or fourth eye.

  1. Jewellery

Some enthusiasts want their steampunk costume overflowing with jewellery. It could be a wearable necklace or padded shoelaces and there are UGears cogs to complement such steampunk design.

Gears with teeth are great for steampunk rings. Cogs can also be used with watch faces and pendants. A mounted horse or date navigator can take a central position on a pendant showcasing the user’s style. Using 3D gears and cogs of varying shape and sizes, you can string together a pendant with an exciting and colourful look.

The gears or cogs you use tells the story of your steampunk costume. The design is up to you. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you want using many types of cogs and gears.

  1. Props

Some aspect of steampunk culture is unreal, so you must carry some unreal artefact with you to look authentic. Whether it be disintegrator pistols or discombobulator rifles, as long as they are not real. If you are a crafty person, you can take the unreal to a whole new level with gears from a 3D model such as Robot factory.

  1. Masks

A steampunk styled mask can be designed using some basic material including base mask, cardboard paper, hot glue, paints and gears.

The cardboard is used to transfer a sketched mask shape to the plain-looking base mask. The mask is given depth by the addition of multi-coloured paper at different sections. Hot glue can then be applied to give a rough surface to the mask followed by painting with dark colours. Finally, 2 to 4 gear pieces can be added to the mask to emphasize its fictional narrative.

Other steampunk costumes that can benefit from cogs or gears enhancement include gauges, prosthetics limbs, and phone covers.

Steampunk costume combines the stylish element of the Victorian era with a creative dose of science fiction. Even with this mixture, the final design works together to give an impressive look.

Whether it be steam tech, time travel or outlandish voyages themes, there are 3D gears and cogs to help you achieve your desired style.