The traditional notion of modelling as most people know it involves creating a static model of an aeroplane or a tank out of moulded plastic, during which smaller pieces sometimes become stuck to the fingers with errant modelling glue. It’s a messy business and the end results can be a little disappointing, so you can see why some people choose to give it a miss.

At Ugears we offer a unique take on the timeless pastime of modelling and one that offers a true four-dimensional experience. Added to the three physical dimensions of height, depth and width, our models have an extra one to add to the list and it’s because they move, many with intricate mechanical parts that require absolutely no adhesives to assemble.

Engineering Excellence

UGears model car

The fact that our models are almost entirely made of ethically and sustainably sourced, precision cut plywood pieces is impressive enough in itself, but when you see the engine inside a completed model moving in intricate shapes, complete with pistons and valves, you begin to understand the level of engineering skill that has gone into creating it. Models like the U9 Grand Prix Car are dynamic examples of why we see our products as unique and as perhaps an evolution on the traditional pastime.


No Batteries Required

 Truck Model

Every one of our models that operates, drives, soars and spins does so under its own power and without the assistance of batteries. Clever clockwork mechanisms are designed to be ably powered by elastic bands that merely need to be wound up to spring into action. We’d recommend you give yourself plenty of room when trying out models like the Heavy Boy Truck, as they move at quite a lick and they really can go and go and go!


All Abilities Catered For

 Aviator Model

Our designers have taken great care to create a range of models that caters for all levels of ability, from the newbie to the seasoned modeller. This means that whether a youngster trying out their first model or a serious model enthusiast, we have a product that will both stimulate and inspire creativity. Of course, we have our challenging models like the Aviator, but we recommend them to be tried by people who are looking for a rewarding challenge and perhaps later in a person’s Ugears journey.


If any of this sounds like something you’d like to learn more about, we would love for you to take a look around our website and see the captivating nature of our products for yourself. If after looking through, you need any guidance on making your purchase, you can call our helpful team on
+44192 686 4282 who will be delighted to help you any way they can.


Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next time with more interesting advice and guidance focusing on the intriguing, beguiling and interesting world of 4 dimensional modelling.