It is no longer tough to buy gifts for men, especially with the advent of cool 3D mechanical puzzles made of plywood. These are not just fun and cool, but it subtly challenges their creative side as well. Moreover, they can be gifted to all age groups.

Wooden toys go way back!

Learning through playing with wooden toys and puzzles is not a new concept. In fact, early studies done about prehistoric men showed that development of their physical, mental and emotional abilities came from fashioning tiny versions of hunting tools from wood to teach their sons how to hunt. The girls were likewise given dolls made from sticks and small clay pots to learn how to cook and care for their families. Egyptian children long ago played with dolls that had wigs and moveable limbs made from stone, pottery and wood.

Why are 3D wood puzzles a lucrative option?

Ugears Mechanical Models - construction process

Mechanical puzzles are apt for boys and men due to the following reasons:

  • Wooden brain teasers make buying gifts easier than ever. Who here hasn't stressed about their annual Secret Santa? So instead of buying spy kits to try and figure out what your person may like, just get them an awesome 3D puzzle!
  • By having your children play wooden games, your children won’t be watching violent action games, aimlessly surfing the channels on the idiot box, or stay glued to the gaming console for hours on end.
  • Wooden puzzles, especially brain teasers, are great at making the mind sharp. They teach important skills such as problem solving, logic, and hand and eye coordination. They also impart visual and memorisation skills for important trial and error strategies.
  • They can be much more fun than modern technology as they are challenging and rewarding. If there is one thing that companies really worked on, it is the fun factor. Once someone starts to build these mechanical masterpieces, they will be hooked! The feeling of completing a wooden puzzle cannot be replicated with a video game or a text message.

Mechanical puzzles are created through innovation, new ideas and fun concepts that continue to boost their popularity. If you haven’t been able to find the perfect gift for your nephew or your game-loving husband on their birthdays or any other occasion, wooden 3D puzzles from UGears are the best present you could get them – start browsing through the assortment of mechanical marvels without further delay!