Father’s day is upon us. This day is a reminder of the importance of fathers in our lives. It helps us take note of the various roles our dads play when it comes to ensuring we grow up as the best.

UGears Father's Day

Selecting a fitting gift is difficult on its own, but the quest becomes more challenging when the gift recipient is adventurous, has various hobbies and is a collector of many items. You may have witnessed your dad collect and build so many things over the years, that you don’t know what else might interest him. In such cases, you need to get a gift that strikes a balance between showing love and respect to your dad while also not eliciting the “I have that already” reaction.  

Here are some gift ideas, courtesy of Ugears, that will be cherished and treasured by a dad that has everything.

Geneva Drive

The Geneva drive comes as a puzzle that when solved, comes to life into a fun spin-the-arrow device. The gears can be spun to help you choose your next day activity. Be it reading the newspaper, making dinner, or some outdoor adventures.

This 3D puzzle is a device that is modeled after a mechanical clock. You simply have to blow into its special socket to power the device. Once you blow into the device, the arrow moves, and points to a task your dad can do. Apart from that, the device can act as a decor element your father can place in his office or at home. Even though your dad has many toys already, this one will stand out from the rest.


Tanker Truck

The Ugears tanker truck contains many intricate puzzle pieces and is probably quite different from any item that your dad already possesses. A large number of model kits that need to be assembled can stir up the creative spirit in your dad.

A knob on top of the tanker can be used to control the tanker’s folding and unfolding making it a “live” gift. The parts of the truck require no glue to fit them together. Getting this gift for your father not only helps you bond but it also takes him down memory lane making it an exciting father’s day gift.


Railway Platform

Hobbyist fathers love creating things from scratch. Some create items that are still useful years after they are made. Finding a gift that puts to use your father’s construction and puzzle solving skills can put a smile on his face. All the time he will spend creating the railway platform will be fully enjoyed because of the unique structure he will be creating.

The railway platform comes complete with special pieces like a bench, clock, and lamps that make the assembly of its various parts even more interesting.


For dads who are fascinated with regular stopwatches and clocks but want a new twist, this chronograph piece will be an outstanding present for them to add to their collections. The chronograph comes in pieces that your father can rebuild and test his DIY and reconstruction skills.

 When the pieces of the chronograph are assembled together, it can serve as an attractive decor. It can also be used to tell time ranging from 1 to 20 minutes. It is also easy to operate since an alarm rings every time the minutes set to run out. As a father’s day gift, the chronograph is a classy option to choose.



Tractor and Trailer

Your dad can do away with boring puzzles when he gets his hand on this 3D kit. This kit will allow your dad to put his building experience to use and solve intriguing puzzles. The trailer model makes a natural complement to the other farm machines such as Tractor models.

And the final product work nicely together. When the model moves around, he will feel the joy of operating one of his creations and it will make an interesting addition to his collections. A perfect gift to get your dad excited about the father’s day celebration.


Your dad is one of those who has a lot of objects on his collection list but an addition of the above Ugears model will make a difference and possibly set him on a path of unusual realistic 3D model building. You will also be happy to be the one who brought a cheerful disposition to your dad’s special day, after all, father’s day comes only once in a year.