Mother’s Day is the one time of the year that you get to show your appreciation to the woman who not only raised you but brought you into the world. A salute to the bravest, most resilient and loving person you’ll ever know and love. Sure, you can buy her a new purse, scarf or even furniture. But it’s always better to give something that you’ve made yourself or can assemble with her for mother and child bonding moments. It makes it more personal when the gift is imbued with love and respect for her. Make a special item that can store her precious memories. This Mother’s Day gift guide will show you possible gifts that will be appreciated and useful in her everyday life, while also allowing you to make new memories together. UGears Mechanical Models are timeless, very much like the mother who raised and loves you.

UGears Mechanical Models are unique gift items that will inspire and spark the craftiness inside you and your mum. They bring back mechanical art and vintage technology without the use of electricity and other tools. Here are timeless pieces that your mother will surely appreciate:

UGears Hurdy Gurdy is a medieval mechanical musical instrument brought back to life. If your mother is fond of music, musical instruments, and history, this is the ideal gift for her. Hurdy Gurdy was the popular musical device in Medieval Europe in the 15th century. It was played during town festivals, balls, and in noble class homes for general amusement and parties. UGears pay homage to the instrument by making a mechanical puzzle that’s easy to play. Each piece of the puzzle is cut to precision to fit perfectly. You play it by turning the crank with one hand for the rhythm and pushing the keys with the other for the tempo. UGears Hurdy Gurdy is a unique gift for a woman who has a taste for the classic and vintage.

 Safety is the first consideration in every home. Assemble the 3D Safe puzzle for your mum to keep her jewelry, money, or documents. The wooden safe is the exact model of steel versions and has a real lock combination. Enjoy assembling the safe box with each puzzle piece laser cut for the precision fit. UGears Mechanical Safe construction does not require power, ordinary tools, or adhesive, as each piece locks in securely. The puzzle safe uses premium plywood and is spaciously designed to store your mum’s valuables, including documents. It comes with a traditional 3 figure coded lock. To close the safe, just shut the safe door and turn the handle counter-clockwise.

  • UGears Date Navigator

Another classic piece that any mother will surely appreciate is the Date Navigator – a lovely and useful decorative device for her office desk at home or at her place of work. It will help her keep track of the time with its classic steampunk planetary mechanism. It is easy to operate by setting the year and month, calculating dates from 2017 to 2044. It is great to help her plan for future events and appointments. In today’s digital world, the Date Navigator is a classic decorative piece that will charm anyone who sees it.

Finding the right Mother’s Day gift can be confusing. But once you’ve focused on your mother’s style, inclination and needs, it will be easy. UGears Mechanical Models are useful, elegant, 3D precision cut puzzles that will capture you and your mother’s attention. They are beautiful timeless pieces that can grace any living room, bedroom, and even office space.