Perfect Father's Day Present

Just like the gifts for other occasions the Father’ Day gift also should match father’s interests and passions. Everybody is very particular of giving the best as well as the most exciting gift to their father on Fathers’ Day. There are various sources that provide a lot of gift ideas and now everyone is in a hurry to place their order online for the gift item for his or her dad. Normally, the fathers may not be expecting any electronic gift items since they might have received a lot of them already. This year let us ensure that we give our fathers the best gift they have ever had, one which will make them to sit and relax for a few hours while doing something exciting and enjoyable.

Mechanical puzzle kits from UGears

UGears Father's Day Gift


The mechanical 3D puzzle kits from UGears are now so popular that an introduction about these kits is not required. Many parents buy the construction puzzle kits of UGears for their children; however, these construction puzzle games are enjoyed by people of all age groups. While parents and their kids together solve these mechanical puzzles, nowadays these puzzle games are among the best options for group entertainment activities. Everyone enjoys construction of the various mechanical 3D models and people take pride in displaying the models that they constructed in the showcase of their living rooms.

The mechanical 3D puzzle kits from UGears are exclusively made of prime quality plywood. All the models are designed for self-assembly and the components that are provided in the kit can be assembled without applying glue or any synthetic adhesives. One can handpick the parts and assemble them straight away without using any tools. Clear and easy to follow instructions are provided along with each kit. These construction kits are durable, easy to handle, environment-friendly and safe.

So, UGears offers amazing gift ideas for the Fathers’ Day. Perhaps, the fathers who receive the UGears 3D mechanical puzzle kits as gifts from their beloved children on Fathers’ Day this year will be the most delighted fathers. UGears offers mechanical 3D puzzle kits for constructing a wide range of models such as steam locomotive, tramcar systems, Tractor, Safe, Theater and so on. Those who have decided to buy UGears mechanical puzzle kit as gift can choose the model from the UGears website and confirm their orders online.

Steam Locomotive

Locomotive ModelThose who opt for the UGears steam locomotive model kit can provide their fathers the immense pleasure of constructing the model of the 19th century steam locomotive with all its parts including pistons, wheels and spinning gears. This locomotive engine will move up to 5 meters and a lever near the driver’s window is used to operate the engine. The locomotive model has a stylish cabin with small doors and roof hatch.

Tram System

Tram ModelUGears offers the construction kit for a mini tram system with all the details. This tram model has a few modes. When it is in the tram mode the rubber band engine will propel it whereas in the funicular mode a lever will tilt one end of the rails. The levers on either end of the rails can be also used to construct a bridge. The tram car will have a start lever, direction shifter, brake lever and emergency exit.


The Tractor ModelThe UGears Tractor model is also operated using a rubber band motor and one can see the pistons moving when the engine works. A small gear operates in three different modes of control – Park, Drive and Sport. While the Tractor has a speed of 5 cm in the Drive mode it moves faster in the sport mode. During Park mode the Tractor is started by spinning the wheel.

The Safe Model

Safe ModelThe UGears construction kit for making the model of a Safe is sure to quench the artistic thirst of the fathers. This safe has a combination lock in the front. The lock is opened using a 3 digit code and the user of the kit will have 1000 options to set the secret code. In order to lock the safe one has to just close the door and turn the handle anticlockwise.


Theater ModelThose who gift their fathers the UGears kit to construct the Theater model can make their dads proud owners of a Theater! The Mini-Theater will demonstrate the creativity of your daddy. They will be overwhelmed when the Theater is displayed in the living-room.


Choose the Father’s Day gift from UGears and confirm your orders immediately!