Father’s day is fast approaching and you don’t know what to get your father yet. It’s important to appreciate your father and make him feel special but a large number of gift options out there has made the job difficult for you. Maybe you have found some gift item but none looks interesting enough. Moreover, your dad is the builder type who enjoys starting projects from the ground up. He may have built many impressive structures and gadgets in the past and you want a creative gift that suits his taste. Well, Ugears’ model building kit may be all you are looking for.

Ugears’ mechanical models provide another chance for him to try his hands once more on building stuff. We discuss some great father’s day gifts for DIY loving dads below:


Hurdy Gurdy

Many people play one musical instrument or the other, wouldn’t it be great to create one? After assembling this model, your father can get creative playing different songs with this bespoke instrument. The final model looks fitting and polished even though it is made from different simple parts.

As a DIY lover, your dad will enjoy assembling this world’s first mechanical musical model. When finished, the product looks sturdy and robust, a reminder of its Celtic and Scandinavian craftsmanship. Then your dad gets rewarded playing a handy instrument that sounds like a bagpipe that he constructed himself.

 Rail Manipulator

Great for a detailed oriented DIY enthusiast, the rail manipulator appeal to more than just train and transport lovers. The complete model can bring a smile to your dad’s face. It can serve as a decoration for the home where your dad can show them off or keep them for his private view. The crane adds an additional building challenge to the structure, making it worthy of a DIY’s time.

When fully assembled, the gears will look like they are telling a story of a serious activity going on. Using a laser-focused attention of a builder, he can assemble this DIY kits into the finished product.

Assembling a rail manipulator can give your dad a warm feeling of accomplishment. Despite the complex look of the structure, the self-assembly nature of Ugears 3D models will make the building feasible.

Combine Mechanical Kit

Apart from the trendy or common items, 3D gears can be used to build farm equipment. Your dad can experience farm life right from his house. Assembling this 3D kit take some time which a DIY dad would find welcoming. The built-in secret compartment allows dads to send special messages to their loved ones.

The UGears Combine Model Kit is a great replica of the actual machine. With its rust-resistant plywood parts, easy to wound rubber band engine, and a convenient hand brake lever, this DIY model is almost the real thing itself.

You can pat yourself on the back for giving your dad this ideal Father’s day gift.

Mechanical Box

Maybe your dad is a collector of things. Small bobby pins, paper clips or even business card. Any small item which gets lost easily can be kept inside the mechanical box. The Mechanical Box is a pretty little device, with a simple lever at the side, which, when pulled, would reveal all the treasures inside. Fun to build, this device is a must-have for your father’s DIY collection. Its multi-features will make building it a fulfilling endeavors for DIY loving dads.

UGears Combination Lock

Combination Lock

Remember that intricate and fascinating puzzle of a device which Robert Langdon retrieves from the Swiss Bank in the “Da Vinci Code”? Well, this Combination Lock is inspired by just that. Your active father will enjoy building his own working model of Ugears’ combination lock where he can hide his own little secrets.

Similar to the “cryptex”, the box is made of two parts. It has over a 1000 combinations of 3 digit codes which you can set during the time of the assembly. Your father can play around with the code and hide his “holy grail” inside.

All the 3D building kits above are a great choice for Dads who like model building or any kind of construction. The model kits will certainly arouse the curiosity of the puzzle solver. It will further motivate your dad to follow all the steps required to complete the project. When the model is finally assembled, your dad will feel proud of the great job he has done.