Locomotive Model

Life can be pretty one-dimensional in the modern world, with the pressures of earning a living leaving little or no time for the things that nourish the spirit. Whether you’re musical, artistic or simply someone who likes to express their creative side, you’ll know that the catharsis that creating something out of nothing can leave you feeling more relaxed, grounded and less anxious about the everyday pressures we all face.


In this blog, we introduce you to one of the newest and most fulfilling ways to satiate your creative needs and its one that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of skill level, age or location. We’re talking about UGears mechanical models, which represent a ground-breaking development in the world of modelling and they’re environmentally friendly to boot, given that they are almost entirely made from responsibly sourced plywood.


Intricate, Stunning Engineering

 U-9 Grand Prix Car Model

For those of you who haven’t seen a UGears model before, each one from our extensive range is created from a single sheet of plywood, with every piece precision cut by laser. From a design aesthetic perspective, it’s hard to disagree that they look amazing when you look at the Steam Locomotive, the U-9 Grand Prix Car or the Chronograph as examples.


What makes UGears models amazing, however, is the fact that they’re not all about the aesthetics, as each model is a shining example of engineering brilliance. That’s because despite needing absolutely no glues, screws or nails to assemble, our models are able to achieve self-propelled movement in a way that showcases the intricate inner gears and pistons as they spring into action. Propulsion is provided without the need for batteries or external power, as it all comes from the potential energy that exists within the humble elastic band.


Assembling Delight


Something our customers often tell us is that whilst the feeling gained from completing one of our 3D mechanical models is one of intense satisfaction and pride, the overwhelming reason why they’d recommend them to their friends and family is that the construction phase gives them a deeper appreciation of the joys of engineering and all it entails.


No glue means no sticky figures and no mess, leaving you with just the sheer thrill of seeing your own personal mechanical creation take form before your very eyes. So enjoyable are our models to put together, than many who didn’t see themselves as hobby modellers before trying our products, keep coming back to us again and again.


Like to Know More?


If what we’ve talked about here sounds like something you might be interested in and you, yourself would like to explore your creative side, we’d recommend that you head over to our website www.ugears.online and take a look around. There you’ll find a huge range of plywood mechanical models for your delectation that includes choices for all levels of skill, so if you’re new to hobbying, don’t worry, there’s something in our range for you!


If after having looked through our model designs, you simply can’t decide which one is for you, we are more than happy to help guide you to your ideal purchase. Our friendly team is available on +44192 686 4282 during business hours or at hello@ugears.online at all other times.


We hope our blog has shown you that modelling really is for everyone and it can be key to leading a happy, spiritually nourished life. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you again next time.