To call classic car collecting a hobby pays something of a disservice to those who put their heart and soul into what can be a lifelong obsession. It’s easy to see why people get into classic cars, especially when you look at 1950s roadsters with their sleek, sweeping lines and a design that just shouts “drive me!”.

It was the worldwide popularity of vehicles like these that led the Ugears design team to put their collective minds together to create the timeless mechanical 3D model that is The Roadster. This elegant and meticulously designed model offers a glimpse into the world of classic cars that’s so authentic, you can almost smell the petrol fumes.


A Genuine 3D Model Experience

 Roadster Car detail

You may have seen 3D models in the past, but there’s more than a good chance that the ones you’ve seen don’t offer quite what a UGears mechanical model does. When you put together a model like The Roadster, you don’t just get the enjoyment of constructing it and showing it off on your mantelpiece. A UGears model has the added dimension of being able to be driven!

You heard it right, we said driven. Despite being made solely from plywood and a few elastic bands, this incredible model not only has internal moving parts, but a wind up mechanism disguised as a spare wheel that allows it to drive under its own power for an impressive distance - especially on a smooth floor. As it moves along at a lick, you get to see the pistons pumping away (see it in action here) and an interior that looks authentically beautiful.


The attention to detail is truly something to behold!


No Batteries, No Glue, No Fuss


Assembling a UGears model is about the least messy modelling experience you’ll find on the market and that’s because there’s no need for glue of any kind. The Roadster is no different and is fashioned from plywood sourced from sustainable forests and laser cut for optimum precision. All you’ll need to complete this model is time and a modicum of patience.

They say there is nothing like the smell of a new book and the same can be said for the aroma that meets you when you open a new UGears model box. The natural wood smell and the thrill that comes from creating amazing like The Roadster from scratch with your own two hands, is a captivating combination.


Like to See More?


The Roadster is indicative of the entire UGears range, which includes a variety of fascinating creations to impress even seasoned modellers. If you would like to see our full collection in all its glory, you should head over to our website where you’ll find a number of models suitable for people of all ages, each mesmerising in its own way.


If you’d like any guidance on choosing the right model for you or a loved one, call our helpful, friendly team now on +441926 864282. They are more than happy to help you find your ideal UGears model.