UGears Mechanical Models first year at Winter Wonderland

Mechanical construction kits company expands into the Christmas Markets in the UK covering Winter Wonderland and Edinburgh Christmas Market


UGears - the creator and manufacturer of patented self-
propelled mechanical model kits, designed for self-assembly without glue and made entirely
of high-grade sustainable wooden material, opened its first stalls at Winter Wonderland and
Edinburgh Christmas market.
Daria Dubets, Company Director, UGears UK, said ‘Some of our models draw inspiration
from real-life mechanisms, some embody our unique ideas, and all of them have been
designed by UGears from scratch. Our models are the original all-occasional gift, fun and
smart hobby for kids and grown-ups of all ages, so we are sure they’ll complement well the
offering of Wonderland stalls”.
UGears launched in the UK in 2015 and is now supplying John Lewis among many
independent toy and gift stores, museums, galleries and catalogues. UGears models have
appeared on ITV’s This Morning Gifts guides and in 2018 the Company created a special
Royal Wedding Carriage Model which was included in the best unusual Royal Wedding gifts
Daria Dubets, Company Director, UGears UK, added ‘In our age of electronics people still
want to be creative with their hands and mind, seeking that rewarding feeling of constructing
something with their own hands, inviting their kids and grandkids into the awesome (and,
admittedly, old-school but yet-so-cool!) world of mechanics.’