Gift that will transfer him to the times when you did so much stuff together and the times when he as a kid was building his own first construction kit! 
Old-school mechanics bringing generations together.
We at UGears have few ideas that will sure put a smile on any Dad's face
Here are some suggestions from us:

The ultimate Father's day gift. Who doesn't want his own Safe with unique 3 digit code? And you get to build it yourself without any glue! Absolute all-rounder. 

UGears Steam Train Model

Steam Train

The plywood mechanical prototype of one of the first Steam Trains that can go up to 5 meters without any electricity. Just imagine the joy on his face!

UGears Truck UMG11 Model

UGears Vintage Truck

The four-cylinder engine propelled by rubber band, 3 modes - forward, backward and idle, no need to use glue or special tools as the parts simply join together. Do we need to say more?

All UGears models come in beautiful boxes that are perfect for giving!

And inside there is a step by step instruction and plywood sheets with laser cut details ready for assembly without any glue!

UGears Models instruction

So what are you waiting for? All UGears models are available here