While puzzles stimulate the brain, they also relax it. Studies show that just looking at a puzzle and pondering possible solutions actually helps the mind stay calm. The brain enters a state of meditation. Benefits include greater peace and perspective to aid in stress management. Meditation is also known to boost self-confidence. Of course, solving a puzzle helps boost confidence all on its own.

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Selecting the right puzzle

The benefits of puzzles are strongly linked to how challenging they are. Every mind is different, and some people have a greater affinity for puzzles. However, people statistically tend to be prepared for different types of puzzles at specific ages. Parents should pay special attention to how challenging puzzles are for their children to assist in finding the right level. Those who care for seniors may also need to pay attention to difficulty. Puzzles that are too childish should be avoided, but puzzles that are too difficult will only create unnecessary stress. No matter how old someone is, puzzles need to provide fun in order to maximise their meditative benefits. 

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Types of puzzles

Although there are innumerable types of puzzles, jigsaw puzzles are among the most popular. Word puzzles and mathematical puzzles like sudoku are popular as well. Beginning with hands-on puzzles is practical for young children because they improve motor skills and require about the right level of logic. For older children and teenagers, it is appropriate to move on to other types of puzzles. Children's interests should guide the selection of puzzles. Many adults enjoy doing difficult jigsaw puzzles as groups or in families because of the social benefits of working in a team. For seniors struggling with memory loss, doing puzzles in a team environment can help improve their mental stamina while also reviving social skills that may have been temporarily lost.

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