Railroads have been an integral part of the history as it changed everything. It was a medium of transportation that connected east to west. Ti helped in supplying goods to different regions and in spreading communities. It plays an important role in the history driving major events. The history of railways is worth seeing and feeling up close. The following are the best railways museums in the world.

Nevada Northern Railway Museums

Nevada Northern Railway is one of the great preserved historic railroads. There are many opportunities starting from stargazing train rides to robbery reenactment. Visiting the Nevada Northern Railway Museum is worth your time.

Illinois Railway Museum

This is one of the biggest railroad museums that was established to preserve rolling stock. The rolling stock consists of Electroliner, the Chicago streamlined PCC streetcars, Nebraska Zephyr, and first GP7 diesel engine. It demonstrates the crucial role railroads have played in the growth of Chicago area.

Model Train Collecting Hobby

In the 1880s, the model train collecting came as a hobby and really took off in 1920s. Collecting model trains remained one of the most popular hobbies for almost 100 years. There is something thrilling about building your own model of the railway. Most of the devotees trace their passion back to childhood. They display them at their office or at home. With the advanced of technology, most of the train set is the prototype of actual locomotives.

The fun hobby of collecting and operating UGears models trains finds new enthusiast every day. For those who are fascinated by the railway museum, they can have their own collection of railways. The mechanical models are perfect for adding to your assortment. Model railroading is something that children and adults can benefit from. It is difficult to imagine a more rewarding pastime that enables for bonding between the generations.

Take a look at some of our mechanical models of trains and railways. 

Steam Locomotive

UGears Locomotive

This steam locomotive by UGears is an exceptional design of the train. It is a real-time replica of the steam engine that was previously used. It is easy to create as every piece is pre-cut. The user manual is provided in the package, so you can build the locomotive without any trouble. The steam locomotive doesn’t require any tools or glues to build it.

You must have patience while building the locomotive. You can even see the video tutorial available on our website for assembling the steam locomotive. Whether you want to gift to your child or a friend who loves trains, this is the best choice.

Railway Platform

UGears Railway Platform

This is another great model of the railway by UGears. Without the station the train model is incomplete. The railway platform is a great reproduction of European railway station. It features clock, lamps and a bench.

It is perfect for giving a gift to people who love collecting railroads. The rail platform is created from top-notch quality making it durable. There is no need to use glue as the pieces are designed for self-assembly.

Rails and Crossing

Rails and Crossing for the UGears Locomotive Kit

Wherever there is a railroad, there is a crossing. The rails and crossing kit by UGears that features 4 meters of track. Along with this, it contains a crossing with stop signs and barriers. This makes a great gift for the train collectors. All the parts can be easily assembled without using glue or any other tools.

Therefore, you can give a gift to loved one or pass it on as a family heirloom. The mechanical models will make a great connection to your past as your memories are priceless.