If someone in your life has a keen interest in model trains, it’s likely that you’ll know all about it, as it can be a consuming pastime. Although you might think that buying a gift for model train enthusiast would be fairly easy, that’s often not the case. You can’t be sure that you won’t buy something they already have or that it’s a model they even want.

That is unless you consider getting them an UGears model that includes all of the elements they’ll love and some extra ones thrown in for good measure. Until recently, you could buy either a static, plastic model with no working parts or a fully formed miniature that involves none of the joy of putting a model together.

That’s absolutely not the case with our models.

Intricate Moving Parts

For example, take a look at our steam engine model, that is as striking to look at as it is fun to put together. Manufactured to the exact specifications of a 19th century steam engine, it features working pistons, wheels, and spinning gears, all without the need for batteries. Evoking memories of a bygone age, you can see all of these intricate moving parts as they operate inside this amazing model.

Look closer and you’ll also see that there are tiny doors, a roof hatch, asynchronous pistons and even an instrument panel inside. Much attention has been paid to the tiniest of details that it’s sure to be a gift they’ll treasure. Who knows, it might even help them start a new hobby!

The fun doesn’t stop there for the keen model train enthusiast, as they can even try their hand at constructing a fully working rail crossing on which to place their UGears model train. Again, being accurate even down to the smallest detail, they’ll enjoy hours of fun putting it together and playing with it afterwards.

Super Easy Construction


Whilst there are differing levels of difficulty depending on the model you choose, each one is made up of precut plywood, sourced from sustainable forest stocks and they’re super easy to pop or snip out and get started. They’re perhaps the most ecologically friendly models in existence too, as there’s absolutely no need for adhesives of any kind, meaning no annoying sticky fingers!

This simplicity of design is just one of the reasons that UGears models are suitable for modellers of all ages. We have simple designs for modelling newbies and more complicated ones for those with more experience. Whichever model you choose from our range, you’re assured of receiving a keepsake that you’ll want to display in your home.

Come and Check Out Our Full Range

So, if you want to find out more about how to surprise and delight the model train fan in your life, you should come and check out our full range on our website. You never know, whilst there, you might even see something that you’d like to have a go at yourself.

If after browsing through, you have any questions or you’d like some advice on choosing the right model for your needs, give us a call on +44192 686 4282 and we’ll be more than willing to assist you in any way we are able to.


Thanks for reading and we hope you have a fantastic, fun filled Christmas.