Collectors like to receive unusual Christmas presents instead of the same old stuff. And what better than a 3D mechanical wood puzzle? It is a wonderful hobby and learning experience that transcends the generational divide – appealing to everyone from preschoolers to seniors – puzzling promotes fine motor and associative skills as it helps improve concentration.

Puzzles have evolved

Wooden puzzles have come a long way since they were first created about 250 years ago.  They are now available in a wide variety of shapes and styles to challenge the novice as well as the expert. Hundreds of puzzle designs are available, from landscapes to buildings, animals to flowers and so many more.  And no matter the scene, puzzlers get a display-worthy finished product every time – one that they can also reassemble and enjoy over and over again.

Ugears Mechanical 3Dpuzzles

It is all about 3D now!

3D puzzles allow puzzlers to “build” their puzzle from the ground up, piece-by-piece just as they would a building made of blocks.The goal is for puzzlers to create a structure of virtually any shape — sphere, pyramid, monument, bridge and beyond — by piecing together each part of the building while gaining a better understanding of scale, perspective and even history, culture and architecture.

UGears TRuck

Pointers while buying the puzzle

Make it age-appropriate

Puzzle play is exciting and fun when it is challenging, yet doable.  Check the package to be sure you are selecting a puzzle that is right for the age and skill level of the recipient. An experienced person will be able to solve puzzles quicker than someone who has just begun to collect 3D puzzles.

Mind the time

Select a puzzle that matches the time you have to complete it. The sense of accomplishment is very important with puzzling and knowing your time constraints helps ensure the puzzle is happily completed.

Consider piece counts

Even if it doesn’t seem so, piece counts are vital for more experienced puzzlers, too, as too large a project may become frustrating and ultimately not get finished. You wouldn’t want them to abandon the puzzle midway, right?

UGears Steam Locomotive

3D puzzles make the entire concept of wooden construction kits all the more thrilling. Gone are those days when mechanical puzzles would be flat and routine – the new varieties at UGears will really test your skills. Get a worthy gift for your collector friend – you are sure to pick up something from their collection.