Assembling a 3D mechanical plywood model from UGears is a creative and rewarding experience and one that thousands of people around the globe enjoy every day. Once completed, our models are extremely eye-catching, due to their intricate yet robust design and they offer a world of possibility in terms of customisation, allowing anyone with an artistic desire to make their UGears mechanical model like no other.


A paint job is a great way to add that character to your UGears model, as some bold watercolours can add an extra layer of vibrancy to what’s already an aesthetically incredible creation. The UGears engineers are an artistic bunch and they’ve gone to the trouble of adding a splash of colour to one of our models from so that you can see the effect for yourself.


The Vibrant Roadster


Take a look at how the fabulous Roadster looks like with a dash of royal blue on the bonnet and side fairings and some scarlet red bucket seats. This extra visual stimulation really brings this wonderful model motor car to life, especially when it’s flying along the floor at a rate of knots. You can almost smell the burning of rubber and 4-star petrol in the air!


This kind of effect is pretty easy to achieve, so long as you have lots of spare time and a good amount of creative flair and patience. Watercolour paint is a good choice when adding pigment to a UGears mechanical model, as it provides a vibrant look without making the plywood pieces any wider and affecting how they fit together. Of course, you could paint your model after it’s been assembled, but it does make it a bit trickier.


Unlocking the Magic


When we started UGears in 2014 in Kiev, we had a vision of a model building experience to surpass all the traditional forms that existed on the market and one that would embody the creative spirit within us all. This is why we actively encourage people to use their imagination to add a personal touch to their 3D mechanical models in the way we’ve mentioned above.


People all around the world are enjoying our models and for good reason, as they offer so much. As well as being created almost entirely from sustainably sourced plywood, our models offer a mess-free model-building experience, as they require no glue or adhesives to assemble. What’s more, they can achieve movement without the need for batteries or any other external power source.


A simple rubber band is all that’s needed.


Want to See More For Yourself?


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