Locomotive Model

Whether you’re someone who’s idea of a fun evening is watching a movie or playing the latest immersive console game, it’s fair to say that technology features very prominently in our lives. Unfortunately, the more of this kind of entertainment we consume on a regular basis, the likelihood increases of us developing memory problems as we get older.


The good news is that engaging regularly in hobbies that take us away from the TV or computer screen, like assembling a 3D mechanical model, reading or even knitting, can reduce the chances of developing cognitive and memory problems by as much as half. Model building itself offers even more than that, as the problem-solving aspect of the hobby keeps our brain working and in good health.


3D Mechanical Plywood Models

Tram Model

At UGears, we have been creating a stunning range of 3D mechanical plywood models since 2014 and they represent a fantastic way to get into modelling as a hobby and boost your mental performance as a result. Fashioned entirely from responsibly sourced plywood from sustainable forest stocks, the UGears selection of models contains many stunning examples of engineering brilliance.


Our models require no glue to assemble and no batteries to achieve movement, making them just about the most eco-friendly models on the market. All that’s needed to piece our 3D mechanical models together is an eye for detail and a desire to create something beautiful. The enjoyment and boost to cognitive ability and memory are simply a natural by-product of sitting down and constructing one of our models one piece at a time.


An Opportunist Hobby

UGears Safe Model

One of the great things about assembling UGears models is that because they need no glue, there’s very little by way of mess. That makes our models ideal for the opportunist hobbyist who has to seize moments of free time when they arise, as virtually no set up is required each time you get your model out to work on it.


Our range also includes variety in terms of complexity, so whether you’re someone with extensive model building experience or a complete newbie, there is something for you to try. As your skill level increases, you can move on to bigger, more complex models from our range.


Come & Check Us Out!


We created UGears to inject some life into what was a hobby in decline and we, along with our customers, believe that we have achieved that with a range of products that’s like no other you’ll find. Head over to our website www.ugears.online and see for yourself just what is possible when natural eco-friendly materials are put in the hands of highly skilled design engineers. Once you’ve seen what we mean, we think you’ll agree that the designs are staggeringly beautiful.


If however, you’d like some advice on which of our models is ideal for your own particular requirements, call our friendly team now on +44192 686 4282 and they’ll be delighted to help you make your choice.


Thanks for reading our blog. We hope that when you try one of our 3D mechanical models, you get every bit as much enjoyment as we did when we designed them.


We’ll see you again next time.