Our fathers - they are all so different and yet they share some things in common. One of them is being able to actually DO stuff with their hands and Enjoy it!

Let's be honest our boyfriends, partners and husbands nowadays are usually as useless as we are with getting things repaired manually. They might be great at getting a handyman to come and change a light bulb or put a shelf on the wall. But doing it themselves...

I always admire my Papa's practical thinking, the way he can fix almost everything and do it properly - so it lasts. He can actually make stuff - furniture, toys, lots of things for gardening.

That's why I know Dads will enjoy UGears construction kits - they are everything they like and miss so much - mechanical joy, high quality - that lasts and wood - no plastics and other rubbish.


I think we need more of this in our world - as the more away we are from what is real and now, the more away we are from ourselves!

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With love,