Mechanical Construction Kits that Really Move

I would like to introduce UGears - unique wooden mechanical construction kits produced in Europe. All details are laser cut and ready for self-assembly without any special tools, glue and chemicals. To see the whole range please visit
At the moment our range comprises of 10 amazing mechanical construction kits which come in beautiful simple design boxes. All of the models when assembled could be used both as a mechanical toy and beautiful home decoration. For models in the pictures above please follow the links

Our product is protected by the patent, so is one of the kind and unique to the market not only in UK but worldwide

What distinguishes our product from any other construction kits:

1. Natural - Made from wood materials 
2. No glue connection – Assembly without glue and chemicals
3. Self Assembly – Details are laser cut and ready for assembly
4. Mechanical – Models Produce Motion
I'm sure our construction kits will be a great addition to your Museum Shop - as we get highest reviews of our unique product.
Our website: