Happy Easter to everyone celebrating and for those who are just enjoying some time off!

I hope you managed to spend it with your loved ones or having some well-deserved me time.

Where we come from Easter is a month away and there are many traditions that are different to the ones we have in UK:

1. Very early in the morning or even at night people bring baskets of food - 'pysanki' (hard boiled painted eggs), cheese, vegetables, greens, etc. to church for it to be blessed with water

2. Afterwards families gather together for an early breakfast that day - and have 'pysanki' fights. The one that breaks all other eggs is pronounced the winner

3. There are also 'pysankas' that are considered work of art

Our UGears construction kits at www.ugeras.online are work of art from Ukraine on their own. The intricate details of cogs, gears and levers resemble in its precision the art of painting 'pisankas'.

The main similarity is that our UGears Models are also made with love and attention to detail. They are made to bring families together away from the world of social media and internet to enjoy the wonders of old-school mechanics!

Keep it real!


UGears UK