We know st Valentines can be a tricky one. Should it be just a card, a ticket to spend time together somewhere, some flowers...


We suggest these few all-round ideas for an unusual, satisfying and thoughtful gift.


For him:


  1. Tram Model with Rails - boys will be boys. Have you ever seen them happier then when assembling something all by himself and watching it really work...and if it's also on rails..double win!


  1. Tractor or Harvester- with the fashion trends praising urban ranger and back to basics on the raise this is the perfect gift for a guy whose backpack carries a MacBook Air, but looks like it should carry a lumberjack’s axe!


  1. Engine - for the steam train aficionados and sons of steam train aficionados.


For her:


I as many others over there feel that a bunch of flowers and some chocolate - is cute, but dated. Well it's not 1950"'s, Honestly!


1.Timer - it will give both the satisfaction of assembling it yourself or together and practical use as a time for that 20 min meditation or yoga that she so much needs.

2 .Theatre - it’s just so beautiful! And quirky and looks amazing on her shelf. And she assembled it all on her own - well maybe you helped a bit.

3. Dynamometer - small choices can be tough! After the excitement of assembling - just blow on it and it will show you some ideas on what best to do today!


Hope this helps!