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The gift I have ordered from Amazon for Simon last week during my mad shopping spree has finally arrived! I think I am even more excited about it than Simon is. It promises to be a great challenge for both of us to work on and will give us a few hours of amusement. Building a 3D puzzle certainly makes a change from our usual Xbox Lego games marathons :)  I am even more excited as this puzzle is made by a Ukrainian start up company UGears Models based in Kyiv, and I am very happy to see a high quality product that has been developed and built there. In the UK you can buy their products from Amazon or through the official  UGears UK website.

So here it is, a beautiful sleek box, ready to be opened!


Nikki is investigating the contents of the box

What is it about cats and boxes? Nikki had to see what was in the box, she was so keen to jump into it as soon as the puzzle was taken out.

Nap time for Nikki in the new box

The smell of wood panels is quite nice, it makes me think of sitting in front of a burning wood stove with a cup of tea on a cold winter’s day. It looks like the details are cut with a high precision laser. So we are ready to start putting the little tram together, I just hope cats are not going to try to be helpful. I suspect they will be, curious as ever, which will make it even more of a challenge for us trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together :) I cannot think of a better way to spend Sunday afternoon, can you?