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January 10, 2016


What a beautiful bright sunny Sunday we had here today! I have spent some time out in the garden with my chickens this afternoon, cleaned their little house, put extra straw in the nest so the girls should be cosy during the week. Despite moulting, my chickens are still laying eggs which is very surprising. They sure do look funny with their bald bums and super mucky bellies as they dig around the garden in the mud! It has been raining a lot here and our soil has much clay in it, so saturated with water, it feels more like a swamp when I walked over the lawn to my compost heap.

We have enjoyed some super fast food today – there is something special about a simple cheese and tomato sandwich. I have made some for late breakfast, used up the last of the cherry tomatoes supply we had.

The biggest excitement of the day was sitting down with Simon and finishing the last few steps of the wooden 3D puzzle – I wrote about of this “adventure” last Sunday. We have now finished assembling our cute little UGears wooden tram after the whole week of waiting! It did not take us long though, as all we had left to do were the rail tracks with lifting mechanisms and a few little parts on the tram itself.

Look at this little beauty!

And it all started from the little sleek white box with the four panels of wood and a booklet with the instructions.


We both have enjoyed this puzzle immensely, it is so unique and clever, and doing this kind of thing it is such a great way to spend the time together!  And it is gratifying to see all the little gears working and the tram moving up and down the track, making a satisfying clicking noise (there is a special little gear inside the tram that is responsible for making that noise!)

I would totally recommend UGears to everyone, it makes an amazing gift! I bought this set from Amazon and will sure be buying other models as both Simon and I are itching to create more! The company has now launched their website where you can buy these amazing puzzles! *I have used an affiliated link here ;)

It’s back to work for us tomorrow. Have a great week ahead, everyone, and thank you for reading my blog!