Are you having a trouble deciding the Christmas gift for someone special? Deicing the gifts is very stressful and challenging. This Christmas, give your friends and family a unique and different gift. The wooden mechanical products is a great option. We, at UGears, offer you a wide range of mechanical wooden construction kits. In this write-up, we have listed some best Christmas gifts.

Take a look at the best wooden gifts.

Steam Locomotive

One of the best gift ideas for this Christmas is a steam locomotive. This construction kit by the UGears is a great product to give a gift your loved ones. If your loved ones or friends, has a love with trains, this is a great gift for them. Everyone who loves construction and modeling can have fun with this amazing and unique puzzle.

Moreover, it is fun constructing the steam engine yourself. The steam engine is a replica of the of the real-life steam locomotive. The wheels, spinning gears, piston and everything else is designed by pay attention to the details. Every piece of the steam engine is pre-cut by the plywood boards. This means you won’t need glue for assembling this puzzle.

You won’t need to have a difficult time assembling the pieces. The product comes with a manual that has clear steps for building the steam locomotive. With a little patience and effort, you can have a great mechanical locomotive. For your convenience, you can view the video tutorial of the steam locomotive.


Another great gift idea for your friends or loved ones is a mechanical wooden safe. If you someone you know loves tinkering, this safe is a great gift idea. This safe is an amazing product in which you can keep your things protected. This safe has a lock combination on the front that is a 3 figure coded lock. You can get the combination of the lock in the kit. All you have to do to lock it is close the door and turn the knob in anticlockwise.

Furthermore, if you are interested in safe-cracking, this model is perfect for practicing. Assembling the model is a very easy as you don’t need to use glue or any tools. The system works mechanically, this is why you won’t need any batteries. Manual is provided with the safe that will help you in creating the safe easily.

The safe is manufactured from the top quality plywood. You can use the safe for keeping your important documents safe along with money. Now, you won’t have trouble finding the important things as you will exactly where to find them.

Therefore, this Christmas, give your loved ones a mechanical puzzle to flaunt their mechanical skills. This is a great pass time for your friends and family that will increase their creativity skills. You can rest assured that our products will not be causing any damage to the environment. This is because all our products are made from wood. The pieces are pre-cut that are ready for assembling making the process hassle-free. Get these gifts this Christmas and give your loved ones the wooden gift they will cherish forever.