U-9 Grand Prix Car

If the hobbyist in your life is proving particularly difficult to shop for when it comes to birthday gifts, then we’d like to introduce the UGears Gift card for your consideration. Available in £25, £50 & £100 denominations, our gift cards are a great way to take all of the guesswork out of the process, as it allows them to choose exactly what they want from our fantastic range of 3D mechanical models.

And what choice your loved one will have when they look through our website! For example, they could opt for a spot of classic motoring in the form of the U-9 Grand Prix Car or indulge in a little equine-based modelling with the stunning Horse Mechanoid. However, if it’s something a bit more architectural they’re after, they could have a stab at the Tower Windmill or the Archballista Tower.

Suffice to say, there’s an awful lot of fun and enjoyment to be had from assembling one of our amazing, popular three-dimensional mechanical models.


So, What Makes Us Different?

 Archballista Tower

We often get asked about what exactly it is that makes UGears models different from others on the market and it’s an easy question to answer because ours are unlike any others you’ll find. Ours do not use plastic in any way, as each one is made from a single sheet of responsibly sourced plywood and is cut so precisely that no glue, nails or screws are needed to put them together.

Ugears models have an added dimension too - the dimension of motion. And this motion is achieved without the need for electricity, batteries or any other external power source. All that’s needed is a simple elastic band or two to drive the intricate pistons, gears and wheels, which are so impressive when they’re in full flight.


Come and See For Yourself

 Horse Mechanoid

If you’d like to see our full range in more detail, you should head over to our website www.ugears.online, where you’ll also be able to purchase the aforementioned gift cards. In a world where there are so many disposable products around, UGears models shine through as something that you get to enjoy for hours when putting together and for years afterwards, as you play with it and display it proudly in your home.

The only problem you might have is choosing the right one for your loved one’s gift, such is the variety of 3D mechanical models that exist in our full range. That’s not an issue with a gift card, however, as they get to choose precisely the model they want directly from our site.


If you or your loved one have trouble deciding on the right model, then we’d be happy to help. We’re easily contactable on +44192 686 4282 and we’re ready and waiting to help guide you to the perfect model for your experience and price range.


Thanks for reading. We’ll be back next time with more from the exciting analogue world of 3D mechanical modelling.