Wooden Model gift for Christmas 

Christmas seems to roll around quicker and quicker each year and when you’ve got a loved one who apparently has ‘everything’, finding something they’ll love as a gift can get pretty difficult. So, with this in mind, we thought we’d introduce you to a truly unique pastime - putting together a 3D Mechanical Wooden Model from Ugears.


So, what exactly is different about this particular type of 3D mechanical model? There are many reasons and here are just a few...


Engineering Brilliance

 Precise engineering on all models

The first thing you’ll notice when looking through our entire range is that our models move and they do so under their own power. This is thanks to the engineering brilliance of our team of design engineers, which becomes even more evident when you realise that every single one of our models is created almost exclusively from responsibly-sourced, high-quality plywood.


No Batteries Required


You’ll find that our wooden models do not require batteries. The reason for that is simple, they’re just not needed. Every single one of our wooden models moves under its own power - thanks to the ingenious rubber-band motors our engineers have designed for them.


No Glue or Adhesives Required


Something else that sets our range of 3D mechanical wooden model range apart from the rest is the fact they require no adhesives of any kind to put together. Our models can simply be constructed by clicking each laser-cut piece of precisely-engineered plywood into place, meaning that you’ll be spared those annoying sticky fingers you get with traditional types of plastic model.


Mind-Stimulating Design

 Balerina Model

As well as being perhaps the most ecologically-friendly models you’ll find on the market, our 3D wooden mechanical models come in a range of designs that are truly stimulating to put together. As you construct them, you get to gain a better understanding of engineering whilst witnessing an intricate working machine take shape in front of your very eyes!


A Truly Unique Modelling Experience


So, when you’re searching for that unique present for your loved one this year, we strongly suggest that you take a look through the designs you can find on our website www.ugears.online. Offering a genuinely unique modelling experience, we’re sure that if you were to buy a Ugears model for that difficult relative this Christmas, you’ll see that telltale smile of a gift well-received when they open it!


There are quite a few 3D wooden models in our range, categorised together in terms of skill level and type for your convenience, so if you have any trouble deciding which is the right one for you, give our friendly team a call on +44192 686 4282 and they’ll be able to help you decide.


Thanks for reading our blog. We hope it has given you a few ideas on the perfect gift for your loved ones this Christmas.