The Treasure Box is another 3D construction puzzle from UGears which attracts the attention of people of all age groups. This awesome construction kit made of superior quality plywood can be easily self-assembled and no specific tools, glue or chemical adhesives required. This construction kit is designed and manufactured to 100% perfection so that assembling the parts to make the model is an exciting experience. Just as in the other UGears models this gearwheel structure is also amazing when in action. While this mechanical Treasure Box will be a wonderful birthday gift or a real surprise gift on special occasions, it is a very useful addition to offices and work spots. Since the lid of this box can be opened just by pulling a lever, this box will serve as a unique dispenser of business cards. Apart from business cards this box is ideal for storing other office items like paper clips, pins, tape rolls, etc.

Quality material and perfect crafting

Perfect gift for the office

Assembling as well as operation of this Treasure Box is quite simple and doesn’t require a battery or any other device. The precise gear movements enable the model to be smooth in operating. This Treasure Box model with size of 20 x 9 x 19 cm is to be built up by assembling the 61 parts that are provided in the kit. Assembling all the perfectly cut plywood parts to make the model is indeed an amazing 3D puzzle. Those who receive this construction kit as a special gift find it a brilliant product of workmanship and proudly demonstrate the model Treasure Box to friends and family. Constructing this model so interesting, many people are eager to see other UGears models which are already on the market. The quality of the wood and accuracy of the crafting made this model is amazing and unique.

The puzzle game with an objective

The mechanical Model Treasure Box

The clear step-by-step instructions as well as various other details that are provided along with the kit make the task of assembling the parts easy, interesting and engaging. One can assemble the parts just by using his hands after keeping all the components on a table. Those who construct the Treasure Box using this kit should not forget the fact that this box is meant for a great purpose – store all small things inside the box so that they remain safe and will not be misplaced. Whenever those small things are required they can be taken out just by pulling the lever and opening the box.

An innovative puzzle game

The perfect gift

This mechanical Treasure Box model from UGears is used not only in offices or workplaces but also in homes. Men and women use this box in home to keep various small things. This model of Treasure Box is a unique blend of aesthetic beauty and vintage elegance. Children as well as adults find this puzzle game highly innovative. The amazing Treasure Box is indeed worth the time and efforts spent to assemble all the 61 parts.

This is indeed the perfect gift for any occasion.