The various 3D construction puzzle kits from UGears are really amazing toys for children as well as adults. The mechanism that is used to assemble the models as well as to operate them is highly sophisticated. The kit does not use any electronic components and all the parts are made of plywood of excellent quality. The parts in the kit can be self-assembled by kids by hands and no additional tools required. The Tractor Model which is built using the UGears kit is highly engaging: these construction kits are very useful for children to nurture their creativity and also to develop interest in mechanical construction. The components of the model are precision cut and can be assembled together to perfection without using glue or chemical adhesives. Since the toy is made of purely natural material it is safe as well as non-hazardous. The construction kit for Tractor Model from UGears can be a unique birthday gift or an exciting gift for special occasions. Children as well as adults find this construction puzzle game highly innovative as well as challenging.

Educative as well as entertaining

UGears Tractor Model

The 3D construction kit for Tractor model from UGears comes with a detailed step-by-step user manual. The instructions are clear, simple and easy to follow. After taking out the wooden parts from the box, the user may go through the manual and start the thrilling game of solving the puzzle to construct the Tractor model. Altogether, the kit contains 97 parts and the size of the Tractor model will be 201 x 87 x 137 mm. Parents can keep their kids fully engaged for hours by providing this construction puzzle game from UGears. This construction toy provides the kids the opportunity to spend their free time constructively and develop interest in mechanical engineering. All children enjoy showing off the Tractor model created by them. Since the Tractor model is made exclusively of top quality plywood it is very durable.

Operates without electricity

The Tractor Model

The UGears Tractor Model is considered as an exciting mechanical puzzle game toy and is now very popular among kids as well as parents of school-age children. The four wheel drive of the Tractor model clearly illustrates how detailed these 3D mechanical models are. All UGears mechanical models can function without electricity or battery. A rubber band motor is used to make the Tractor model move. The engine of the Tractor makes rhythmic performance and the pistons make visible movements. A small gear lever functions as the transmission switch which provides three different modes – park, drive and sport.

An inspiring puzzle game

The Tractor has a number of drive modes. While on the drive mode, the Tractor can move at speed of around 5cm per second. It can achieve a maximum speed of 80 cm per second when it is in the sport mode. There is also a park mode which will not drive the wheels. After assembling all the parts following the instructions given in the manual, the super Tractor can be made to move by winding up the rubber band motor. After successfully assembling the Tractor model and making it operational, it is quite natural that you may become eager to assemble the various other UGears models. So why not see the full range and choose something that you like?