The 3D construction puzzles offered by UGears are now very popular among children as well as adults. These construction kits take players to the amazing world of mechanical construction. Easy-to-assemble components which are made of high quality plywood and simple and easy-to-understand instructions inspire the kids and adults to make use of their creativity for constructing various models.

The construction kits from UGears provide exciting puzzle games for the entire family. Grand parents can play these puzzle games with their grand children and parents can spend time with their kids solving the construction puzzles. The 3D construction kits offered by UGears are safe, eco-friendly and are easy to assemble. The models that are created using the UGears construction kits can be easily made to move or function just by pulling a lever so no batteries are required. No tools or glue required to assemble the wooden parts.

A rewarding experience

The Flower Model

The Flower model introduced by UGears looks elegant and stylish. Since clear instructions are provided it is very easy and interesting to build the Flower. Those who are looking for more of a challenge can try to build the Flower model without the instructions! After assembling the parts with their own hands kids and adults get excited to see the Flower created by them and they take pride in showing the Flower to their friends and family. The plywood parts provided for making the Flower are laser precision cut giving you excellent quality.

 The colorful petals make the flower elegant and those who receive the Flower model as a gift will be definitely impressed. The smell of wood and Ballerina makes the Flower appear more natural. Solving the puzzle for constructing the Flower model is indeed a highly rewarding experience. When one is assembling the parts to make the Flower, you will get immersed in the amazing world of mechanical construction. Since the parts fit together firmly the Flower made by assembling the parts will be durable. You can complete the task of making the flower within 90 minutes and since spare parts are provided even if a piece is broken during the process you can still complete the task. The kits contain 101 parts and the size of the Flower model will be 130 x 130 x 160 mm.

A perfect gift

The UGears puzzle kit enables the kids to create a complete Flower within a couple of hours without using nails or staples. The petals open up uniformly when the gear base is twisted showing out a ballerina pedestal which spins. The Flower is made just by pressing out the pieces from the kit and fixing them in the proper places. The mechanical Flower has precise gear movements so as to appear alive. The Flower Kit will be a perfect gift for special occasions.

So why not get yourself a present and buy one of these ?