While Combine machine is one of the essential pieces of equipment for farmers during harvest season, some people who know little about agriculture may not be familiar with the Combine. The 3D mechanical model of The Combine introduced by UGears is engaging and this construction puzzle kit is very popular among children as well as adults. The Combine model from UGears closely resembles the Harvester and the wheels of the model start to spin when the model is set into motion. The Combine model is powered by a rubber band engine and hence no battery is required to make the Combine move. It is very easy to wind up the engine. One has to either spin the big wheel on the back or pull the model back. The brake lever on the side of the cabin is pulled in order to bring the Combine to a halt and also to lock it. Once the lever is released the Harvester moves forward.

Safe and durable

Combine Model

The kids are thrilled when they open the packing box of the Combine. This safe and friendly model is made by assembling the various parts provided in the kit. Clear and easy-to-understand instructions are provided in the manual for assembling the parts. Assembling the model can be carried out by hands only and no special tools are required. The components can be assembled together easily without using glue or chemical adhesives. All the parts are made of the best quality plywood and are carved with laser precision. Just like all other UGears models the Combine model also can also be perfectly assembled and will last for long time. The UGears construction puzzle kit for making the Combine model consists of 154 parts and the size of this model is 135 x 165 x 278 mm.

Inspiring toys

UGears Combine Model

The wooden 3G mechanical models from UGears are now very popular as children and adults enjoy the game of solving the innovative construction puzzles from the kits. These puzzle games are highly engaging and parents find these kits very useful to keep their kids occupied for hours and also to improve their creativity. The parts from the kit can be easily taken out of the board just by pulling them out. Assembling the parts according to the instructions given in the manual is a simple yet challenging task. This construction toy is good for hands-on skills for the kids and doing this type of mechanical tasks during their childhood days, the children are inspired to become mechanical engineers or in general technical professionals.

Sit and watch

Combine Model Kit

As a result of using precision cutting methods for crafting the wooden parts, the construction kit from UGears never lacks in quality as well as perfection. These kits are designed as a piece of art right from the start, so the finished models are an excellent display item. Assembling of the parts can be carried out on a table and after assembling together all the parts it is amazing to watch the Combine model moving.