Kids today have things pretty good when it comes to technology, with iPads, smartphones and games consoles almost constantly available to be used. However, as many parents will attest to, technology and computer games often don’t leave kids feeling fulfilled and stimulated. In fact, quite the opposite can happen, with your children ending up bored and disinterested.


So, in this scenario, what you need is something that’s different, stimulating and perhaps much different to what they’re used to doing. So, to that end, we introduce you to the UGears range of 3D mechanical models that are not only hugely entertaining to assemble but also involve absolutely no electronics.


You could say that they’re a throwback to an analogue world.


What Makes Our 3D Mechanical Models Different?

 U-9 Grand Prix Car

Mention hobby modelling to most youngsters and they’ll assume that you are talking about the old type of plastic models of planes and tanks that, to be fair, are still widely used. However, UGears models are something else entirely as they:


  • Have intricate working engines, complete with pistons and gears
  • Are created using responsibly sourced plywood from sustainable forests
  • Require no adhesives or glues to assemble
  • Are able to move under their own power with no batteries
  • Contain Zero Plastics


All of this is reason enough to invest in a UGears model on its own, but its when you see the simply stunning designs of the 3D mechanical models available that you begin to realise that ours are a cut above the rest.


Engineering Skill

 UGears Truck

When you look at items from our range of 3D mechanical models like the Tower Windmill, the Hurdy Gurdy (an actual working musical instrument) or the Truck UGM-11 and you see the level of detail and engineering skill that has gone into each one, you get a sense of the fun and enjoyment to be had.


We challenge you to put one of our models together and not feel that deep satisfaction that comes with creating something beautiful. All this in a product that has absolutely no impact on the environment - perfect for kids with a strong ecologically conscience.


Like to Know More?


If you like what you’ve read so far and you’d like to look into investing in a UGears mechanical model to inject some analogue fun into your kid’s life this school holiday, then you can see our entire range in all its glory by visiting us online at www.ugears.online. There’s an option for all types of skill levels, so you can be sure of finding something suitable.


If you’d like more advice on making the right purchase, don’t hesitate to call us on +44192 686 4282. Our friendly, approachable team is ready and waiting to help you in any way they can.


Invest in a UGears model this school holiday and you could open up a whole new world of classic analogue modelling fun for them and perhaps even an appreciation for engineering.


Thanks for reading. We’ll see you again next time.