The steam engine was an invention that changed the world more than 200 years ago. Britain celebrated the bicentenary of the stream railway locomotive with a year-long events program. The man who first put the steam engine in the rails was termed as an inattentive and obstinate individual by his schoolmaster. Richard Trevithick (1771-1833), who learned his craft in Cornish tin mines, built his “Penydarren tram road engine” for a line in South Wales initially, whose original wagons were pulled, slowly and laboriously, by horses.

It was in 1804 when Trevithick’s pioneering engine hauled 10 tons of iron and 70 men nearly ten miles from Penydarren, at a speed of five miles-per-hour, winning the railway’s owner a 500 guinea bet into the bargain. Since then, the railway network flourished throughout the world. The British government acknowledged the efforts of Trevithick and issued a new £2 coin having his name and his mighty invention. This coin was approved by the Queen Elizabeth II.

It was because of this man that the Great Britain is known as the birthplace of railways and that is the reason why Britain can boast more railway attractions per square mile than any other country. Talking about stream engines, Wales deserves a special mention because there were many Great Little Trains.  Though small in stature, these narrow-gauge lines are real working railways, originally built to haul slate and other minerals out of the mountains, but now a wonderful way for visitors to admire the scenery, which is breathtaking.

Talking about preserving the traditional steam engines, Britain has played a great role in making museums where these iconic engines have been preserved in their original state for the generations to come. Children and adults visit these museums to get a glimpse of the past when these engines used to run in their full swing. Children want to preserve them in their homes which is not possible and some want to watch them moving.

UGears Locomotive

In order to fulfill the later wish of the children and the first wish (to some extent), UGears is offering a unique toy locomotive made with wood. Using this puzzle toy, children can make their own Steam Engine. This toy comes with gears of different shapes and sizes along with a user manual using which anyone can make their own toy. One of the best things about this toy is that it moves and there is a whole set to the steam engine that you can also get. Using the lever near the driver’s window, you can drive the engine to up to 5 meters. A big focus has been on the details of the engine. Even the minor details of the engine have been kept in consideration which makes this toy a must have.

The components of the toy are made with wood and do not use any glue for assembly. You can even keep them as a decoration piece with you increase the beauty of your homes. The color of the toys is of natural wood giving the toys an antique sort of look. Children love toys made by UGears and want to play with them for a long time.

If you want to know more about these toys, have a look at the products section of the website. These toys are something that you should not miss out. These will not only give your children a glimpse of the past but also make them aware of the traditional engines that have driven the railways to this level.