Gears are considered as one of the oldest equipment known to mankind. The origin of gears goes down to the Chinese South-Pointing Chariot in the 27th Century B.C. This chariot was known to pointing to the south no matter how it was turned.

Aristotle has the credit to his name of giving the earliest description of gears in the 4th century B.C. According to his definition, the direction of rotation is reversed when one ear wheel drives another gear wheel. Gears have been used by the Greek Inventors in water wheels and clocks. The sketches of various types of gears of this time can be found in the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci.

Even after these ground-breaking discoveries, no major development concerning wheels was made until the 17th Century. In this time, first attempts were made to provide constant velocity ratios. These attempts utilized the involute curves. This was just the beginning of something that changed the world for all the good reasons. However, in the 19th century, form cutters and rotating cutters were first used and it was then in 1835 when the English inventor Whitworth patented the first gear hobbing process.

Various other patents followed until 1897 when Herman Pfauter of Germany invented the first hobbing machine capable of cutting both spur and helical gears. Through the 20th century, various types of machines developed. But, the next major step came in 1975 when the Pfauter Company in Germany introduced the first NC hobbing machine and in 1982 the Full 6 axis machine was introduced.

Besides being used in the industry, gears are also being used in different toys and they are one of the major components in toy cars and other toys to help them move. Even in smaller toys, gears are used in different sizes to ensure the proper functionality of them.

UGears does use gears!

UGears Tractor Model

In order to make the kids aware of this ancient invention, UGEARS are offering moveable toys made with gears. One of the best toys is the Tractor. It is a puzzle toy that is designed for the children to use their creativity and skills to assemble all the gears into a Tractor. The best thing about this Tractor is that it is moveable and children can play with it also.

This model can be operated using a rubber band motor. There is no need for an electric power source and glue isn’t even required to assemble it. It has three transmissions: Park, Drive, and Sport; each with a different speed.

If we talk about another toy that is solely made with gears, is the Engine. This realistic Engine is a great puzzle toy that can be made using the gears in different sizes. This model is made keeping intense details in mind. It can be operated using the lever near the driver’s window. One of the best things about this model that it can be steered up to a distance of 5 meters. These toys are made with wood and are in no way harmful to the children no matter how they are used. 

All the toys offered by UGEARS come with an instruction manual that can help you assemble and operate the toy. If you are intrigued with gears and you want to have them in shape of a movable toy, these toys are for you. If you want to know more about these toys and other variety of the toys, visit their website now.